Neutral Project- Comme Un Oiseau De Proie K7

Sorry about the lack of reuploads folks, haven’t had much time to attend to the back logs of the blog. Anyone looking for January-June/July, hang tight just a little longer.

In the meanwhile, I’ve uploaded a treat today, a coldwave record for the first actual cold wave in New York. Formed in France in the mid 1980s, Neutral Project released a handful of cassette and CD releases until the mid nineties. The band began as a two piece, and expanded to a three-piece outfit in 1991. Also around this time, members of Neutral Project banded together with members of the like-minded Endraum to form A Foamy Project In Neutral Days, who released a handful of songs in 1991.

Otherwise, Neutral Project released their final effort in 1994. Vocalist Yvon Million passed away in 2001. Soon after, members Kristian Dernoncourt and Dominique Oudiou formed No Tears, who are active to this day.

Below lies a link for Neutral Project’s first first cassette release, Comme Un Oiseau De Proie…, which was produced in part by Olivier Champeau of Little Nemo. Here’s the relevant info:

Neutral Project- Comme Un Oiseau De Proie… K7
1. Soleil De Nuit (2ème Eclipse)
2. J’Appelle…
3. A Vision In Your Eyes
4. Enigmatic Dream
5. La Mer Des Sarcasmes
6. Reviens!
7. Future
8. Nuit D’Automne
9. Révolte De L’Amour
10. Et Le Rêve Devint Légende

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Neutral Project- Comme Un Oiseau De Proie K7”

  1. Great selection. This is fast becoming my most entertaining blog. Keep up the good work.

    PS In case you don’t have it already, I’d recommend ‘So Young But So Cold’ which is a compil of French new wave and 80’s electronic pop put together by Ivan Smagghe.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    thanks for the kind words!

    as for that comp, it is stellar, and i recommend it to any coldwave enthusiast, young or old! if it weren’t for that comp, i may never have heard ruth, one of my favorites from the era.

  3. yes, SYBSC is amazing isn’t it.

    there’s another comp I heard recently called Discotech, which is really ‘electro-wave’. might also be up your street. check especially for Anna – ‘Systems Breaking Down’.

  4. […] is also responsible for the excellent Leiv Traumas & Machina compilations, as well as the first Neutral Project […]

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