Sleep Chamber- Babylon 12”

Fulfilling a quick request for another classic Sleep Chamber release. I have a donation post to follow tomorrow, but first, a quick blurb about this particular record:

I’ve already covered Sleep Chamber in a previous entry (though the link is still dead for this one- I still beg your patience, ladies and gentlemen), so peek over there for a few tidbits of info on the collective. Otherwise, I’ve uploaded Sleep Chamber’s 1986 Babylon 12” single for your listening pleasure. This particular release features vocals by both John Zewizz and one Mariea Foster. Otherwise, here’s the roll:

Sleep Chamber- Babylon 12”
1. Her Second Skin
2. Babes Ov Babylon
3. Dreams While Drowning
4. Babylon Babes

*download it here*

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  1. hi this is my blog i added you hope you do the same, bye and good work

  2. Very interesting and kind of spooky. A possible, more interesting development Portion Control could have taken from their first full-play album in a parallel universe. Thank you!


    Babes ov Babylon waz rekorded in 1986. The material broke up the band lineup ov Coup De Grace and Thomas Thorn because they assumed we were going "disco". I guess the laugh was on them I don't consider this musick or any ov our other musicks "disco". Possibly rythmick but not DISCO. JOHN ZEWIZZ

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