East Wall- Eyes of Glass 12” & Silence LP

Today’s post contains the entire discography for Italian minimal/electro/disco act East Wall, featuring the efforts of Fabrizio Chiari (previously involved with Kirlian Camera) on synthesizers and electronics and Wilma Notari on synths and vocals. Their initial 12”, 1985’s Eyes of Glass is a perfect slice of jagged minimal synth with a slight italo lean, while their 1991 lp Silence is a bit darker in spots, but equally catchy- possibly the closest thing to darkwave freestyle that exists!ย  Either way, both releases are club ready staples just itching to pack the dancefloor.

Without any further ado, here’s the download information for both releases. Enjoy!

East Wall- Eyes of Glass 12”
1. Eyes of Glass (vocal)
2. Eyes of Glass (instrumental)

East Wall- Silence
1. Silence
2. Ice Of Fire
3. Twenty Five Sunsets Before Dawn
4. Angelo
5. Blue
6. Privacy
7. Twenty Seven

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* – both of these essentials have been reissued by Dark Entries Records.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds good Thanks for sharing

  2. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for the post! still searching for silence on vinyl…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for yet another amazing share! i don’t about the “catchy” description regarding the silence lp hahaha. but definitely some awesome material.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    the silence lp can be found on discogs for the modest sum of 70 euros! i wish i had that kinda money on me…

  5. Great great great!!!!
    Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    wow ! great ! thank you …

  7. wow, this is incredible! thank you so much! you can sense the kirlian vibe…

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Please? reupload rapidshare or somth else, i can't download!

  10. MGuastella Says:

    Thank you for this.. does anybody know which synthesizers were used on Eyes Of Glass?? JP8 for arpeggio maybe? lead bassline is..awesome

  11. […] of Glass 12” (produced and aided by KC mainstay Angelo Bergamini), both which can be found here.ย  There’s also a CD from 1993 out there, but I have no idea how that stacks up against their […]

  12. thnx

  13. the cold heart Says:

    I just have bought this CD from East Wall “Camaleonte” from 1993 on ebay-italy … received it some days ago … it seems to me, that nobody knows, what this CD sounds like (even on discogs) – the “problem” is – the CD is still sealed (since new in 1993) . and I don’t know, if I should open it … what did you think . shall I open it this gem?!

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      that’s funny you should mention… you’re the second person i know who has a sealed copy sitting around that they’ve yet to open and have teased me with it. YES YES OPEN and share if it’s worth hearing ;).

      • the cold heart Says:

        Hi Frankie (we’re all Frankies … ๐Ÿ˜‰ ),

        you’re right, of course! I think I’ll open it at forthcoming X-mas evening to make myself (hopefully) a pleasure with this CD-album.

        Unfortunately(!?) there is – until now – none of these tracks from “Camaleonte” on YouTube; so I just would listen to the tacks there on YouTube and keep the CD sealed.

        Same things happened to me many years ago … in 1999 I had bought a still sealed vinyl form East Wall’s first album “Silence” for about 135,00DM. I opened it and the first thing, I had done was – while the first time listening to this record – copy all tracks on an audio cassette…

        And again some years later in 2005 I had bought Simona Buja’s Maxi “Passings Masks” on discogs – also still sealed – for about 150,00Euro. I also opened this one, only to listen to the A-side (the B-side – “Still close” wasn’t so interesting, because I already had known this track from the Kirlian Camera compilation “The ice curtain”).

        … now all these tracks can easily be found and be heard on YouTube … so, in the end, I maybe could have left them better all sealed … but one never knows, for sure …

        To make it short now: If no one will put the whole album “Camaleonte” on YouTube until 24.12., I’ll open it, okay? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. the cold heart Says:

    So … after almost seven years now, which have past since my last entry here, I’ve got some news concerning this issue here – the “Camaleonte”-album by East Wall from 1993. I finally decided to open the still sealed CD foil last saturday and also listened to it! It was a nice warm early summer evening and I thought – okay now or never … and I don’t regret it!

    Okay, let me start with this – this album doesn’t feature any kind of “hyper-tracks” like “Eyes of Glass” or that fantastic “Ice of Fire” from earlier releases – with other words – there is no stand-out track here. This may sound a little disappointing, but let me continue in more detail:

    The tracks “Cielo”(italien lyrics), “Venti Siderali” (ital. l.), “Shadows” (english lyrics) and “Lui” (ital. l.) are – as I would describe it – some kind of romantic (italian) chansons. Tiziana Wells has a great voice here, but these titles sound very different to the early minimalistic electronic approach East Wall had before. Also is there a switch here from darkwave to a more romantic sound – a sound, as I’d say, more compatible for a wider audience / a more commercial approach. Especially the track “Shadows” is, in my opinion, kind of overproduced in that sense.
    Form these four tracks, I do like “Lui” the most, because it has a remarkable refrain, even after the very first hearing.
    Don’t to be misunderstood – these tracks are good, but they don’t sound like the earlier stuff from East Wall – they are very different in style and music if compared. I guess Fabrizio Chiari wanted a change here into a more romantic and less minimalistic and less experimental way / style with these songs.

    Then there is a track here called “Funny” (engl. l.), which is an uptempo track (somehow early 90ยดs disco beat). After my first listening to this album I would state that one as the weakest title on the whole CD. Tiziana’s voice sound a little weak here and the refrain isn’t that good, too. … maybe a title which gets better, when one listen to it more often … I’ll see, time will tell …

    But now to the really good things here:

    The tracks “L’Angelo della Strada” (ital. l.) and especially “Radio” (engl. l.) are fantastic! Both do have that typical unique “East Wall”-style, which we do know and love so much from their early releases! … after I had listened the first time to the whole CD here, I programmed my CD-player to repeat these two tracks several times …

    At last there is the title track from the album – “Camaleonte” (ital. l.) – this one is a bit strange to define / describe … it starts with the sound of some rainforest ambiance and the sound of some native tribes voices and jungle drums, then first turns into a slow romantic italian song and suddenly a faster and really happy(!) sounding refrain starts (a refrain which first reminded me of sitting on a tropical beach with friends drinking Bacardi Rum under palm trees …). But I really do like this track – and as often as I do listen to it, the better I like it – especially the refrain here makes fun to listen to!

    At last short words about the booklet of this CD: It is a simple two page folder with credits and track information and two photographs of one with Fabrizio and another with Tiziana. … the picture of Tiziana is somehow remarkable, because she looks a bit like (concerning hairstyle and outfit) a combination of Kate Bush and Jennifer Rush … cool 80’s style (I like!). … (in 1993 those styles were becoming even rare).

    The CD itself features the same pictures of Fabrizio and Tiziana which is shown on the back of the CD-cover.

    So far so good … last words: This is a fine little CD-album from East Wall, which is indeed likable, but with no stunner track on it.
    For a fan of this project – like myself – it is a must-have, others may give it a try after listening to it.

    Concerning the prices in the web – discogs and others platfroms – I wouldn’t pay more than 30Euro / 35Dollar for it (even for a still sealed copy), higher prices there are unjustifiable in my opinion.

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