Sequins and Spandex (parts 1 & 2)

Here’s a slight deviation from the standard Systems of Romance fare to end the weekend. Though it’s a mere stone’s throw away from minimal wave as it is, my interest in Italo and Space Disco has been on the rise over the past six or seven months, and has culminated in two mixes of classic tracks both old and new. I created the first Sequins and Spandex collection in November of ’08 (and forgot to post it here during the blog’s forced downtime). Otherwise, I just finished the second mix last night, and am pleased to offer them both for your listening pleasure. The first is a little more glitzy, polished, and modern, while the second is a little more gritty and of-the-era. Here’s all the info:

Sequins and Spandex: An Introductory Disco Compilation
1. Friday Nights- Diamond Vampires
2. Hands in the Dark- Chromatics
3. Destiny- Vivien Vee
4. Veronica’s Veil- Fan Death
5. Digitally- Plastic Mode
6. Esc Hatch- Mount Sims
7. Pillow Talk- Lustt
8. Lady Operator- Mirage
9. 1991- Crystal Castles
10. Beatific- Glass Candy
11. No Regrets- Black Devil
12. Automatic Amore- Patriza Pellegrino
13. I’m an Indian Too- Don Armando’s 2nd ave. Rhumba Band
14. How Do You Dance?- Telex
15. Speakerphone- Kylie Minogue
16. Movie Star- Roisin Murphy
17. The Night (Original Mix)- Valerie Dore
18. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Mix)- Indeep

*download it here*

Sequins and Spandex 2: Electric Boogaloo
1. Spacer Woman- Charlie
2. Chase (Dub Version)- Sun La Shan
3. What Did He Say- Nite Jewel
4. Hide It- The Golden Filter
5. Somewhere in the Night (Extended)- Stereo
6. Main Theme From ‘Christine’- John Carpenter
7. Moscow Discow (Single Version)- Telex
8. Ikeya Seki- Kano
9. Magic Fly- Ecama
10. You- Boytronic
11. Into the Night- Tobias Bernstrup
12. Pulstar- Hipnosis
13. Baseball Furies Chase- Barry de Vorzon
14. Polaris- Cyber People
15. La Nuite Blanche- Munich Machine
16. Don’t Lose Control- Material
17. Flashing- Goblin

*download it here*

I hope to make a habit of these, so if you dig ’em, please speak up! Happy Friday, ladies and gents!

27 Responses to “Sequins and Spandex (parts 1 & 2)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You have a great blog and this is a great idea. I often find myself wishing that there were more good mixes on the internet. I like to have a taste of everything.

    The first link is dead, by the way. Downloading the second now.


  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    well, nuts. i will reupload it when i’m home from work tonight. expect it back in a few hours.

  3. ShadowtimeNYC Says:

    i am definitely under-schooled in italo so i am *very* grateful for this!

  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    excellent! enjoy it! as above, i’ll have the first mix back up and running by the time the day is through.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    thank u frankie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. These are fantastic!
    I feel compelled to tell you that I enjoy your blog immensely.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great songs that you have provided. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Much obliged.

  8. fantastic track selection! can’t wait to listen, thanx!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    OMG i love it! i read this blog all of the time…mainly because you’ve posted so many amazing hard-to-find wave acts. when i saw this i gasped because i work out to music like this…esp. “speakerphone” by kylie! so it’s like coldwave/minimal synth during the day, and a bunch of tunes like this when i hit the treadmill. you have my taste nabbed down to a T! 🙂 thanks so much!

  10. some real classics you’ve picked there!


    I love it dude. I’m so goddamn embarrassed by my love of Italo. It’s nice to know other people share!


    it seems like italo is in the air, its omething ive been getting into lately too. do you listen to ? if you dont you should.

  13. Great mixes, thanks for making them & posting them. Makes me miss the old KITS Live 105 in San Francisco, which in 1988-1989 used to play some great mixes with awesome combinations of dance music that you never heard anywhere else. Breakdance eletro with Italo Disco with more commercial new wave disco & hip house, acid house, all together. Wicked.

  14. Awesome curation.

  15. great! more! seems italo is the new shit. all the girls i know love chromatics and i really got into the older stuff in the last months…

  16. robotsluvme Says:

    nice track list!

  17. cristian Says:

    when’s the next one coming?? can’t wait for it!

  18. Anonymous Says:


  19. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome mixes, I think I might just play one of these at my next party!

  20. Love these mixes and LOVE your blog! You've been posting tons of fantastic music… look forward to returning again and again!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you very much for all of this! I am having trouble downloading your first sequins and spandex comp though. It doesn't seem to be downloading correctly so if there is a possibility to re-upload it or let me know if it's just my computer, because the second volume downloads just fine.

  22. After losing this compilation , i had to get it again , just for the first track alone 'friday nights'. totally fantastic; this tune just about sums up over 30 yrs of listening to black music and electronic stuff – cant thank you enough for this awesome compilation..

  23. Hermano Loco Says:

    hello frankie, many thanks for these compilations. it is so good to have a great ear preselect the great stuff. i could spend years looking for this. thanks for saving some of my life! and thanks for the music. cheers hermano loco

  24. […] tracks and pulsing beats that really stand out to me. I included a mix of this track on the second Sequins and Spandex comp., a three minute mix that’s over before it truly begins, and has the unfortunate sound […]

  25. […] you’re new to the blog or missed the first two editions of Sequins and Spandex, click HERE to nab […]

  26. attractiveco Says:

    These are wonderful – thank you again for brightening up my life just that little bit more!

  27. Love you so much still

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