Hard Corps- Metal & Flesh CD

Today’s band is classic but tragically obscure minimal wave/synth pop act Hard Corps, who formed in 1983. The three original members, Hugh Ashton, Robert Doran and Clive Pierce had played together previously, but upon the addition of vocalist Regine Fetet, the band had found their calling.

The band released several singles throughout the 1980s, working with the likes of Daniel Miller and Martin Rushent. The band nabbed a supporting slot on both the Cure’s Head on the Door tour and one leg of Depeche Mode’s expansive Music for the Masses tour, and released a compilation of their material in 1990, shortly before splitting. This compilation was released on both vinyl and cd, each featuring slightly different tracklists, though encompassing most of their discography, assorted remixes and rare b-sides aside. The LP compilation boasts 8 tracks, while the CD contains 11. I’ve uploaded the CD version for your perusal, and here’s the proper info:

Hard Corps- Metal & Flesh CD
1. Des Hommes
2. Respirer
3. For Pleasure
4. Porte Bonheur
5. Dirty
6. Tu Te Trompes
7. The Bell
8. Porte Bonheur (Remix)
9. Desolation Land
10. Je Suis Passee
11. Metal & Flesh

*download link removed by request—> reissue now available on ITUNES!*

For yr viewing pleasure, here’s a video of the band performing “Dirty” in Brixton, 1986:

Here’s a site dedicated to the band, complete with BBC/Saturday Night Live info and respective show reviews. Some interesting tidbits!


5 Responses to “Hard Corps- Metal & Flesh CD”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Please … I would like to have the download link … this is a great band …

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Its on itunes mate – Metal and Flesh remastered

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Doran and Ashton were in a band called Beasts In Cages that put out a single in 1981 on the Fresh label. The A-side was a cover of the first Alvin Stardust hit, "My Coo Ca Choo."

  4. Anonymous Says:

    From the DNA of hard CORPS comes forth Medora.
    Original members Clive Pierce and Robert Doran, with the help of Phen, Evangelos "De-Con" Zacharopoulos and Ona (on vocals, replacing the late Regine Fetet), are back in business.
    A new era has just begun…

  5. White#Trash Says:

    A name: Experimental Products. Please: Re-search this products –> Prototype (1982 – album) / Glowing In The Dark (1984 – 12″).

    Greatest Blog in the universe!!! Greeets


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