Voice Farm- The World We Live In LP

Fulfilling a quick Saturday morning request for Voice Farm’s The World We Live In LP, as the band was previously featured on the Oh Harry, You’re Such a Drag! compilation. As a quick aside, I’ve also posted a Radio Free Europe LP a ways back, for whomever asked.

Anyway, Voice Farm were primarily a two piece (but occasionally three or four piece) synthpunk band from San Francisco. Formed in 1981, the band earned a decent cult following over the years, eventually landing a spot opening up for Depeche Mode on their World Violation tour in 1990. They eventually split in 1995, but released four records before their demise. This first one, 1982’s The World We Live In, is significantly different than their last few, as the band persued a more pop-oriented sound in their latter-days, where as this debut is closer to the manic energy of synthpunk and the rampant electronic pulse of minimal synth. Curiously, the band would not release a follow up for another five years.

Here’s the info for their debut record.

Voice Farm- The World We Live In LP
1. A.M. City
2. Lost Adults
3. Beatnik
4. Davy’s Big Battle
5. Mama Made Me Do It
6. Sally Go Round The Roses
7. Double Garage
8. Follow Me Home
9. Voyeur
10. Cheeno
11. Over And Over

*download it here*

8 Responses to “Voice Farm- The World We Live In LP”

  1. Thsnks m8!! I remember them, from an old vinyl, a compilation, ‘Let them eat jelly beans’

  2. Hey Frankie, gazillion thanks for the upload — you made my day! I love it. Their song “Sleep” was brillant way to end the Jellybeans comp…

  3. HuskerDu Says:

    Yeahh, it was ‘Sleep’ !!
    Frankie, could u upload this LP?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I liked the first album well enough. After that though, I feel they fell flat. My opinion only though….

  5. frankie teardrop Says:

    anon- i’m with you. i have their self-titled record kicking around on wax, and i’m not too keen on it. this one’s a bona-fide classic, though!

    to all others, will upload the jellybeans comp. shortly. stay tuned!

  6. Oh no se puede descargar por el zharenet


    Please upload the file again but rapishared or other shared

  7. mediafire maybe? having a problem with zsharenet…thank you

  8. Great record. Much prefer this to their later stuff which was more comical and polished. Discovered them on the "Violator" tour myself.


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