Anything Box- Peace LP

Before we begin, I’m headed to London and Paris for the next week and change, so please excuse my absence in advance. I’m leaving you with a fantastic seminal synthpop record, released in 1990 and cherished to date. The band is Anything Box, a three-piece synthpop band based out of Caliornia, who are still active to date.

Anything Box began their recordings in 1989, based out of a small New Jersey town (fun fact- the band played some of their first gigs at Passaic’s Loop Lounge, a stage I played on just a few years ago). The band signed to Epic Records and relocated to Orange County, California, immediately beginning work on their first album (uploaded below). Since then, the band has released several EPs, singles, and records over the years, and the last dates to 2008. However, Peace, their stunning debut, remains one of their most popular, and boasts the single “Living In Oblivion,” their biggest chart success. The record’s success, as well as all subsequent releases, helped keep synthpop alive in the 1990s.

Without any further ado, here’s the info:

Anything Box- Peace LP
1. Living In Oblivion
2. When We Lie
3. Kiss Of Love
4. Jubilation
5. Soul On Fire
6. Our Dreams
7. Carmen
8. Lady In Waiting
9. I Felt The Pain
10. Hypocrites
11. Just One Day
12. All These Days Undone

*download it here*

It seems both youtube copies of the video have embedding disabled by request, but click here to give it a spin. Otherwise, catch you kids when I’m back on home soil, and perhaps I’ll have found some rare minimal records to rip and share whilst I’m abroad!

Edit: Since this stellar debut, each Anything Box record has been self-released on the band’s own label. Click below to visit their site and purchase more Anything Box records!

Anything Box Homepage

9 Responses to “Anything Box- Peace LP”

  1. Razornyc Says:

    Great Blog thank you. I am an Italo Freak and have TONS of Italo perhaps I can help you with a track or two just ask…


  2. Anonymous Says:

    have fun man

    many thanks

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, have a nice trip, and bring us back some treasures into the states.


  4. great post. thanks!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    If you believe in box you can believe anyone for anything
    Thanks for Les Joyaux de la Princesse. Great project, great album and great collaboration …

  6. We don’t mind that you posted Peace, since that’s on Sony and we won’t rat you out… But please do not post any albums after that since they are put out by Anything Box themselves ( on the label, which is Anything Box’s label). We do encourage links to as well.

    Cheers, mate.

  7. frankie teardrop Says:

    tim, i chose peace due to that very reason, as i hope folks who fell for this debut would find the rest of your material and support you guys directly. i’ll add that link and some more info immediately.

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  9. Thank you for posting Peace. I’m an 80’s DJ and have just spent £40 on Google Play updating my collection but could I find Peace ? Nope. I checked Amazon Music. Nope. (I don’t use iTunes for purcashing so that was a moot point). So glad I found it here and also the link to AB as well ! Thank you !

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