Pas De Deux- Des Tailles mini-LP

Sorry for the delay, ladies and gents, but I’ve returned and look forward to resuming regular activity on this blog. To kick things off, I have two posts lined up for this afternoon. The first is Belgian minimal wave/synthpop band Pas De Deux, who formed in the early eighties. Taking their name from a popular French dance step, the band’s first appearance was a legendary performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, where the band debuted their mainstay “Rendez-Vous” to a misunderstanding crowd. Despite it’s lukewarm reception (the band placed third to last in the competition), “Rendez-Vous” became a rather prominent Belgian single in the summer of 1983.

The band released one mini-LP, and surrounded its release with a handful of singles. The Des Tailles LP, released in 1983, has been reissued a handful of times, each with slightly different tracklistings encompassing further b-sides and single tracks. However, here’s the information for the original Belgian pressing, released on Parsley Records.

Pas De Deux- Des Tailles Mini-LP
1. Rendez-Vous
2. Mani Meme
3. Lits Jumeaux
4. Take A Cigarette
5. Instant Karma (John Lennon cover)
6. Cold Turkey/Axe Ends (Medley)

*download link removed by request*

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the infamous Eurovision Song performance of “Rendez-Vous”, complete with alternate instrumentation. Oh, the internet!

4 Responses to “Pas De Deux- Des Tailles mini-LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome back, sounds good!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You wouldn’t happen to have more tracks by Pas De Deux, would you? They’re too good!

  3. Pas de deux Says:


    Please remove the download link from your blog.

    Walter Verdin

  4. Stephen O. Says:

    It’s a pity that the link was removed, because it’s thanks to blogs like this that many of us discover for the first time good bands like this one, that otherwise we didn’t even knew about them. Sad but, well, this happens. Please, keep bringing us such great music and thanks for it 🙂

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