Marc Seberg- Le Chant Des Terres LP

As mentioned in a post just over a year ago, French post-punk band Marc Seberg formed out of the ashes of Marquis de Sade, a similarly styled band who released two records in the late ’70s/early ’80s. After their split, vocalist Philippe Pascal and guitarist Anzia formed Marc Seberg, who released four albums (and one posthumous live record) the Virgin France label before dissolving as the nineties took hold.

Marc Seberg’s style continued with the same jangly, yet gloomy guitar driven sound developed by Marquis de Sade, with more glamorous synth production at the helm. For your listening pleasure, here’s the band’s sophomore effort, 1985’s Le Chant Des Terres LP, which was re-released on CD with the 1984 L’Eclaircie 7” attached. Here’s the info:

Marc Seberg- Le Chant Des Terres LP
1. L’Eclaircie
2. Le Chant Des Terres
3. Don’t Fail Me
4. Si J’Avais Su Te Dire
5. Aurore
6. Recueillement
7. E. Rope
8. Les Ailes De Verre
9. L’Eclaircie (Version Maxi)
10. Une Dernière Fois

*download it here*

Fun fact: The lyrics to “Recueillement” stem from a poem written by French poet Charles Baudelaire.

After scouring youtube, I’ve discovered an interview with the band attached to the promotional video for “L’Eclaircie,” so click below and give it a whirl if yr French is up to snuff:

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  1. EX LION TAMER Says:

    I love this album, although not quite as much as their first one.

    For all those interested in the Marc Seberg body of work I’ve just posted their other albums in my blog TOTALLY WIRED:

    Feel free to drop me a visit.


  2. Marc Seberg Addicts Says:

    You are welcome on my Page Facebook : Marc Seberg Addicts, from the beginnig to the end of that band, between rock and poetry. Thank you, have a nice trip….

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