Screams For Tina- Strobelight Funeral 12”

Here’s a horse of a different color compared to the usual sounds posted here as of late. Screams For Tina formed in Los Angeles in 1985, a twisted, dark post-punk band consisting of four like-minded members. They released one 12” mini-album (uploaded below) just a year after their formation, generating a bit of college buzz with their heavy, glam-infused brand of twisted, dark rock. The band toured for four years straight, playing with the likes of Human Drama, Ex-Voto, and various other players in the late eighties post-punk scene.

However, the original lineup of Screams for Tina split in 1990, but while various members departed, others quickly joined the ranks and the band soldiered on, attracting the attention of Cleopatra records, who released a full-length record in 1993. The band split once more in 1997, however, significant re-exposure and the continued friendship of members Warren Mansfield and Billy Budd led to a reformation of Screams For Tina in 2007. They are currently working on a full length record! In the interim, give a spin to the record that started it all, 1986’s Strobelight Funeral 12”. Fun fact: This particular record inspired Strobelight Records, home to Frank the Baptist, the reformed Pink Turns Blue, Black Ice, and The Last Days of Jesus, to name a few

Screams For Tina- Strobelight Funeral 12”
1. Nightmare
2. Fool’s Gold
3. Simple Addictions
4. Future Of Romance
5. Strobelight Funeral

*download it here*

The reformed Screams For Tina has a new website up, with t-shirts available for purchase. If you’re a fan of the shirt, nab one and support the band’s reactivation! Keep your eyes peeled for a new record in the works.

Screams For Tina dot com

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love this band. Yeah, Ive heard some new demos, so they must be stirring something new. It was funny when I added them on myspace last year. One of the members wrote me back and said” Yeah, we were kinda wondering what happened to us to till we found ourselves on myspace.” I didn’t know this album influenced the name of Strobelight records. That’s kool:)

  2. Listening again, this is a great record. In a way sounding quite typical for post punk ca. 1981/2, but with more goth and, as you say, a bit glam in it. Great songs, great voice, I love it, thank you!

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