Twice a Man- Music For Girls LP

Ages ago, I uploaded Swedish minimal synth duo Twice a Man’s first 12”, one of the best releases of its time. Without repeating any information, click here for the original post, chock full of info and links to keep on Twice a Man’s current output.

Meanwhile, here’s the information for their debut full length, 1982’s Music For Girls, which though released on CD in 1994, remains curiously out of print to date.

Twice a Man- Music For Girls LP
1. Move
2. Breathe The Air
3. Boy
4. Battle
5. Russian Tractors
6. Decay
7. In My Mind
8. Dance
9. Gentlemen
10. Threat

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Twice a Man- Music For Girls LP”

  1. Frankie T, I appreciate your blog for showing me genres I would never have dug into on my own. Thanks, mane; linked.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks, I like some of the Swedish bands from the early 80s.

    ANyone else getting trojan warnings from your antivirus software when opening zshare?


  3. shermstixx Says:

    quite nice indeed. ; )

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It's a good thing this cd release is out of print because it's badly mastered. The vinyl has a much more pleasant sound.

  5. […] Twice a Man record. We’ve already covered this glorious band several times over, so click here and here for more info and music. Otherwise, this particular LP sees the band experimenting with […]

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