Velodrome- Au Velodrome 141 12”

Pardon the double post, ladies and gents, but here’s a rather solid 12” by German EBM act Velodrome. Though this is their only release, each member of the duo had been previously active in other similar bands. Previous to Velodrome, Jorge Guber played in both Lineas Aereas and Metropakt while vocalist Krishna Goineau was a member of the famous Liaisons Dangereuses, who resumed activity soon after this 12” release.

Without any further ado, here’s the information for their lone 12”, released in 1988.

Velodrome- Au Velodrome 141 12”
1. Au Velodrome 141
2. Glasfabrik
3. Capataz

*download it here*

2 Responses to “Velodrome- Au Velodrome 141 12””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, I have liked this since I first heard it. Very nice sounds.Remniscent very of the whole L.Dangereuses. I still wish we could find some real copies of the cass. put out by the band “Incubated sounds”. I am starting to think it a futile effort though.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic, for some reason I forgot that L.D’s Krishna Goineau had done other stuff, cant find anything else other than this to be honest though. Does anyone have a copy of the L.D video Live At The Hacienda? Does anyone know if this has a had a DVD release?


    European Son

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