Circuit 7- Discography

UK’s Circuit 7 is a 2-piece minimal synth collective who recorded only six tracks throughout their short tenure. Can’t seem to find a slew of other information about the band, but the two members were Martyn Good and Andy Partington, and this seems to be their only musical venture. Sleeve scans show additional organic contributions from various folks, but no songwriting or official member status credits.

The zip below contains all six of Circuit 7’s tracks, including two 7” records (one on blue and one on red vinyl!) and two tracks from the Offering of Isca compilation, produced by Martyn Good and released on Micro Records in 1985. Without any further delay, here’s the information.

Circuit 7- Modern Story 7” (1984)
1. Modern Story
2. Eastern Dream

Circuit 7- Video Boys 7” (1984)
1. Video Boys
2. The Force

Offering Of Isca compilation (1985)
1. India
8. Beat Tonight

*download link removed*

EDIT: Good news for fans of the Circuit 7 material, as Minimal Wave is planning a CD/LP release of all of these tracks (and more) in the near future! So for those who wish to support both a fantastic label and the original artist, stay tuned to this space, as I’ll replace the download link with a purchase link when the LP goes live!


On a related note, I’ve included “Video Boys” within my latest mix-making venture. Due to the nudging of a few readers, I’ve created an 8tracks account to upload songs and mixes for friends and readers. I’ve made a twenty-one track long minimal wave mix with a dash of italo and coldwave for good measure. A few of these tracks should be familiar to Systems of Romance regulars, some are favorites, and some may appear here in the future, if demand is high and there isn’t any overlap. Anyway, click HERE to give the mix a spin, and enjoy! I’ll be making more of these as time progresses, and will be sure to update when the next one is live.

3 Responses to “Circuit 7- Discography”

  1. anthony Says:

    Great music as always! Thanks a lot for posting Circuit 7!
    If you have anything by Naked Lunch or the Outer Circle 1982 EP can you please post that too.
    Best regards
    Anthony from Australia

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    i definitely have the outer circle 12'' and might have some naked lunch. check back tomorrow!

  3. Christian Says:

    How about the Offering Of Isca LP?
    Can't seem to find it anywhere.

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