Weimar Gesang- THE REST!

After some insight on some rare and otherwise unreleased Weimar Gesang material, I am pleased to offer the last of their uncovered gems, once and for all! Thanks a ton to all who have uploaded some of the harder-to-find material and offered extra information on the band.

Included in the zip file below are three releases. The first two are respective sides of a 1983 demo cassette, the A-side being early demos of familiar tracks and the B-side featuring a rare live set from the band’s early incarnation, recorded in October of 1983. This release predates the previously uploaded Our Silent Growth cassette. The third and final release attached is a 1987 rough mix of what was to be the fourth WG record, never officially released and given to the band’s closest friends just before they split up. Very rare materials, all three, and thanks to allelimo for encoding them!

Otherwise, here’s the nitty gritty:

Weimar Gesang- Demo 1983 (Cassette side A)
1. Frail Moments
2. Along The Walls
3. Locked In My Castle
4. Refusing
5. Show Me
6. Motionless Dance
7. Incomprehension

Weimar Gesang- Live 1983 (Cassette side B)
1. Motionless Dance
2. Refusing
3. Locked In My Castle
4. Torn Souls
5. One Sweet Night

Weimar Gesang- It is a Crime
1. It is a Crime
2. Place to Be (Nick Drake cover)

*download them here*

Thanks again to all who have contributed to the Weimer Gesang posts! Should you have missed them, their remaining discography can be downloaded from these back pages by clicking here and here.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    "It is a crime"
    Nothing was so exact in what I ever heard before

  2. dorisdahmer Says:

    Thanks once more for Weimar Gesang…

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    Great job with this post!

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