Xeno and Oaklander’s "Freak Scene" mix

Just two years ago, I kicked off Systems of Romance in a more track-oriented/review format. My second post was on Wierd Records artists Xeno and Oaklander, consisting of the musical talents of both Sean McBride (Martial Canterel) and Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Staccato). The band, a personal favorite on the roster, is gearing up to release their first official LP sometime this year, and have been performing heavily in the New York area, much to my great enjoyment.

Over the past few months, it seems as if both Wierd Records and Xeno and Oaklander’s following has grown exponentially. The label has been featured in several prominent magazines and blogs as of late, and The Fader has just published a post featuring a fantatic “mixtape” as plucked by Xeno and Oaklander. The mix features several obscure minimal wave cuts alongside Wierd Records favorites (including a new track from Led Er Est and an untitled number from Sleep Museum).

A proper post will follow this one momentarily, but in the meanwhile, please divert your attention **HERE** to read more on Xeno and Oaklander and to download these great minimal synth mp3s. To further entice you, here’s a list of their selections:

Cleaners from Venus- “This Rainy Decade”
Jon St. James- “Trans-Atlantic”
Epee Du Bois- “Misery”
Lister- “The Boogabe”
Ann Summer- “Ann Summer III”
Xeno and Oaklander- “Celeste”
Twilight Ritual- “Somewhere in My Heart”
Resistance- “The Gash”
Led Er Est- “Unkept Area”
Nagamatzu- “Magic”
Automelodi- “Schema Corporel”
Sleep Museum- “Unknown Song”
Glenn Winter- “Herrens Svar”
Martial Canterel- “Shrapnelle”
Staccato Du Mal- “Addiction”
Magic de Spell- “And the Burned Puppet”

Again, click here for the good stuff.

3 Responses to “Xeno and Oaklander’s "Freak Scene" mix”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I didn't much care for the Xeno and Stac., but Xeno and oaklander is perfect. THe way hers and Mcbrides voice mix with the music is haunting. I for one am looking forward to the new lp, and to the new Martial Canterel. Can't wait…:)

  2. Hey, the download link for the mix is broken, any chance you could hook me up a copy or a working link?



    ps great blog

  3. Jessekins Says:

    2nding the request for a re-up if you have it.


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