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Kym Amps- You Don’t Know My Name 7”

Posted in 1980s, kym amps, minimal, minimal synth, wierd records, xeno and oaklander on January 26, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

Minimal synth has been getting an awful lot of press these days, and it’s rather refreshing to see. The latest efforts by Led Er Est and Xeno and Oaklander are eating up the blogosphere, while both Wierd Records and Minimal Wave have been thriving with a series of new releases. Up next, via Wierd Records is the Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics compilation, which will be released on Angular Records on February 22nd. The compilation is a perfect starting point for new enthusiasts, and includes classic tracks by The Neon Judgement, End of Data, Absolute Body Control, and many more. Additionally, Pieter Schoolwerth has chosen ten of his very favorite releases for Dusted Magazine Online, records which essentially sparked the creation of Wierd Records. Peep it here.

Also, Veronika Vasicka has just curated an equally excellent compilation entitled Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1, which collects several of the classic releases reissued by Veronica’s label, including tracks by Ohama, Tara Cross, Das Ding, and many more. You can pick up a copy here, and view Veronica’s top 20 minimal wave recordings here.

Which brings us to my next post. Astute readers may have spotted several of Pieter and Veronica’s favorites here on these back pages, including Nagamatzu, Oppenheimer Analysis, End of Data, Borghesia, and tons more. With that in mind, I’ve uploaded one of the few I was previously unfamiliar with, a one off 7” by Kym Amps. Not much information about the release, so let’s let Veronica’s blurb on the record speak for itself:

This one is a melancholy minimal synth track with female vocals. It’s dark and mysterious, and pretty much sounds like what the cover looks like. The bassline is simple and solid, and the melodies create a nice atmospheric mood for the vocals, “You don’t know my name (but I know you)”. It’s a sad love song about loneliness and obsession. There’s a 120bpm TR808 kick drum through out the track, and never a snare or hi hat. That sparse rhythm section creates a nice build-up of tension.

Here’s the info:

Kym Amps- You Don’t Know My Name 7”
1. You Don’t Know My Name (But I Know You)
2. You Love Me

*download it here*

Expect more goodies to come, but don’t forget to support both of these incredible labels as often as possible!

Xeno and Oaklander’s "Freak Scene" mix

Posted in coldwave, led er est, minimal, minimal synth, sleep museum, wierd records, xeno and oaklander on July 21, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Just two years ago, I kicked off Systems of Romance in a more track-oriented/review format. My second post was on Wierd Records artists Xeno and Oaklander, consisting of the musical talents of both Sean McBride (Martial Canterel) and Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Staccato). The band, a personal favorite on the roster, is gearing up to release their first official LP sometime this year, and have been performing heavily in the New York area, much to my great enjoyment.

Over the past few months, it seems as if both Wierd Records and Xeno and Oaklander’s following has grown exponentially. The label has been featured in several prominent magazines and blogs as of late, and The Fader has just published a post featuring a fantatic “mixtape” as plucked by Xeno and Oaklander. The mix features several obscure minimal wave cuts alongside Wierd Records favorites (including a new track from Led Er Est and an untitled number from Sleep Museum).

A proper post will follow this one momentarily, but in the meanwhile, please divert your attention **HERE** to read more on Xeno and Oaklander and to download these great minimal synth mp3s. To further entice you, here’s a list of their selections:

Cleaners from Venus- “This Rainy Decade”
Jon St. James- “Trans-Atlantic”
Epee Du Bois- “Misery”
Lister- “The Boogabe”
Ann Summer- “Ann Summer III”
Xeno and Oaklander- “Celeste”
Twilight Ritual- “Somewhere in My Heart”
Resistance- “The Gash”
Led Er Est- “Unkept Area”
Nagamatzu- “Magic”
Automelodi- “Schema Corporel”
Sleep Museum- “Unknown Song”
Glenn Winter- “Herrens Svar”
Martial Canterel- “Shrapnelle”
Staccato Du Mal- “Addiction”
Magic de Spell- “And the Burned Puppet”

Again, click here for the good stuff.

Opus Finis- Opus Finis CD-R

Posted in 1986, 2000s, florida, minimal, US, wave, wierd records on January 31, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Opus Finis is a currently active two piece minimal synth outfit hailing from Miami Beach, Florida. They are part of the recent upsurge and rekindling of the minimal movement, and in cahoots with NYC’s Wierd Records. Ramiro (synths) is also active as Staccato Du Mal.

The band’s discography consists of one recent 7” single, two tracks on the vinyl-only Wierd Compilation, and one extremely limited CD-R from 2006, the latter which I’ve uploaded for your listening pleasure.


Opus Finis- Opus Finis CD-R

1. Fortress
2. Ad Pondus Omnium
3. Psychological Carousels
4. Adjust
5. Malacoda
6. Scrying Formation

*download it here*

If you’re of the myspace generation, drop the band a note:
Opus Finis on myspace

Silent Signals

Posted in 2000s, minimal, silent signals, synth, wierd records on September 13, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s artist is one who’s worn several different hats and fronted a slew of projects over a period of time. Dating back to the 1980s, German electronic artist Dirk Torben K. has released material under the names Echo West and Intensive Care Unit, but today’s post will focus on his current work under the name Silent Signals.

Silent Signals appeared somewhat mysteriously in 2002 as a side project and has since released but one proper outing, a four track single entitled Walk on the Ladder. However, several Silent Signals tracks have appeared on various compilations and split singles, and the one-man outfit most recently appeared on NYC’s Wierd Records collection.

Without any further ado, here are the downloads. The first is the lone appearance of Silent Signals from the aforementioned Wierd collection, and the second is the title track from the Walk on the Ladder 7” single. Enjoy!

download Silent Signals- ‘Exit Out’
download Silent Signals- ‘Walk on the Ladder’

I’m not sure if Dirk has performed live under this moniker, but for a related visual treat, here’s a video of his main outfit Echo West performing in 2006:

For other information, and to nab a copy of the Wierd Records collection, please inspect these following links:

Purchase the Wierd Records 3x LP collection
Echo West homepage (in German)