Opus Finis- Opus Finis CD-R

Opus Finis is a currently active two piece minimal synth outfit hailing from Miami Beach, Florida. They are part of the recent upsurge and rekindling of the minimal movement, and in cahoots with NYC’s Wierd Records. Ramiro (synths) is also active as Staccato Du Mal.

The band’s discography consists of one recent 7” single, two tracks on the vinyl-only Wierd Compilation, and one extremely limited CD-R from 2006, the latter which I’ve uploaded for your listening pleasure.


Opus Finis- Opus Finis CD-R

1. Fortress
2. Ad Pondus Omnium
3. Psychological Carousels
4. Adjust
5. Malacoda
6. Scrying Formation

*download it here*

If you’re of the myspace generation, drop the band a note:
Opus Finis on myspace

3 Responses to “Opus Finis- Opus Finis CD-R”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Nice thing. didn’t know that Opus Finis is a project of Love & Rockets. But the Record has a lot of songs which are sounding and named like them!

  2. ola, wrong music to download. it is a love and rocket album

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    yikes. sorry about that kids. opus finis record properly uploaded and link replaced!

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