Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch- Stinkfist 12”/(Don’t Fear) the Reaper 12”

Today’s post features two collaborative 12” singles from two of NYC no-wave’s greatest. Clint Ruin (a.k.a. Foetus, Jim Thirwell) and Lydia Lunch (ex-Teenage Jesus and the Jerks) dated a spell in the late eighties/early nineties, and during the scuzz-punk romance of the century, cut two 12” singles. Aside from the covers that grace the second single, the original material is as dissonant and heavy-hitting as each of the pair’s own work.


Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch- Stinkfist 12” (1987)
1. Stinkfist

2. Meltdown Oratorio

3. Son of Stink

4. The Crumb*

*feat. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth on guitar.

Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch- (Don’t Fear) The Reaper 12” (1991)
1. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (orig. by Blue Oyster Cult)
2. Clinch
3. Serpentine
4. Why Don’t We Do It In the Road? (orig. by the Beatles)

*download both here*

3 Responses to “Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch- Stinkfist 12”/(Don’t Fear) the Reaper 12””

  1. thanx a lot for this 2 lydia lunch beautifull records

  2. Discordina (Muse) Says:

    Finally the video! Did you film this? I was the one in front with the black shiny dress, cleavage, head and arms jumping up and down. Near the end Lydia leaned over to me and sang some weird voodoo noises, but you can’t really tell that’s going on in this clip.
    That was a great night, great memories.

  3. Thank you.

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