Baroque Bordello- Today 12” / Via LP

Another French coldwave request fulfilled, as I’ve uploaded the first two releases by Baroque Bordello, who formed in 1981 and disbanded seven years later. The band was primarily female fronted, with a very driving keyboard and drum driven sound. Like most coldwave acts, Baroque Bordello sung in both French and English. Their discography consists of two full-length LPs and one 12” single (their debut produced by ex-Cure member/co-founder Lol Tolhurst). A two disc retrospective was released by Infrastition a few years back, which comprises their entire discography. A limited edition version was released which contains a bonus disc of demo recordings.

In 1988, the band signed to Polydoor records, shortened its name to Baroque, and released one 12” single before disbanding. Also, it seems as if there are a handful bands who’ve gone by the name Baroque Bordello, all unrelated. The latest has been active in the new millennium, but is not a reformed lineup of the band.

Without any further ado, details proper for their first two releases:

Baroque Bordello- Today 12” (1984)
1. Today
2. From Your Eyes
3. Les Algues

Baroque Bordello- Via LP (1985)
1. Voyageur
2. Marie Chinese
3. L’autre
4. Baby doll
5. I and I
6. Comme Toujours
7. Squares (Join the Room)

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For anyone interested in nabbing the official Baroque Bordello retrospective (and several other coldwave reissues), here’s Infrastition’s homepage.

Infrastition dot com

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  1. The Mongoose Says:

    Brilliant, thank you.


  3. i found the today 12″ in a recordshop in UmeĆ„, Sweden for 20kr (about 2,5$) but sold it because i thought it was quite boring. funny though that lol tolhurst produced it. check out my blog for some swedish synth wave etc

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Have a look at Baroque Bordello Myspace page at

  5. 20 years I had the vinyl, lost.
    i'm looking for it since and find it here. So great thanks

  6. […] was around from the years 1981-88. I first found out about them after listening to their single Today, which has since become one of my favourite songs. (And for a long time, it was the only song by […]

  7. Anonymous Says:


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