Bastion- Bastion LP

Here’s a curious anomaly from Yugoslavia. As far as I’m aware, this particular eponymous LP, released in 1984 is Bastion’s only release. A little schizophrenic new wave/synthpop in the vein of Pas De Deux, Sizike, and Borghesia.

 Bastion were a short lived, but fruitful collaboration between actress/singer Ana Kostovska, composer and musician Kiril Džajkovski, bassist Ljubomir Stojsavljević and film director Milčo Mančevski. They were one of the first electronic bands from the then Socialist Republic of Macedonia within SFR Yugoslavia. The LP features 8-tracks of melancholy, yet romantic electropop with both female and male vocals across the board. You can read more about the band here. Enjoy!

Bastion- Bastion LP
1. Hollywood
2. Deca Sunca
3. A Hot Day In Mexico
4. Mesec U Šolji
5. Mister Kompleks
6. Lica U Ogledalu
7. Molitva
8. Boja

*download link removed* – this LP has been reissued by AAC Records. Click here to order a copy!

5 Responses to “Bastion- Bastion LP”

  1. frankie teardrop Says:

    thanks Borivoj! how i wish we could track down that video!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I hope, there would be some of the eastern european scene.

  3. Translation:

    Bastion – Bastion , fortress
    Deca sunca – Sun children
    Mesec u šolji – moon in a tea-cup
    Lica u ogledalu – faces in the mirror
    Molitva – prayer
    Boja – colour

    Because they were from Macedonia , they haven't receive much wider audience in Croatia and other YU republics, but however I remember Hot day in mexico , their only hit. Video clip used to play on TV. Thanx for posting it , brings me back to my childhood!


  4. Dear all, Bastion is being reissued on ACC Records and is available to pre-order here:

    We’re trying to restore Hot Day in Mexico, we’ll see if we can manage it soon!



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