Calculated X- Four Windows 12”

Not much is known about Calculated X, aside from their American (Tennessee) origins, and contributions by the late Bobby Bowie (no relation to David, I’m afraid). That said, this particular 12”, released in 1982, is one of the very best dark synth records of all time. All three tracks are pure class, especially the driving “Dream Affair,” one of my favorite tracks to spin here in New York.

It seems as if the band has also released a full length record, but I can’t seem to find much information on it. That all said, if anyone’s able to fill in the gaps and tell more of the Calculated X story, feel free. Otherwise, here’s the info for this killer 12”.

Calculated X- Four Windows 12”
1. Four Windows
2. Girl Like You
3. Dream Affair

*download it here*

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  1. Vanilla Face Says:

    Thanks, was looking for this. 😉

  2. zshare rotating links, not offering a download. i am the only one? adblock disabled, cookies enabled. what do i do wrong?

  3. I spent the better part of my misspent high school years at the Antenna Club in Memphis listening to Bobby and the CX boys. They played Nashville quite a few times when I was a freshman in college there and used to drag my friends to see them. The LP was called Some Change, No Change, and featured one of their best: Cool the Water. They did a great set of reunion shows in the early 90s before Bobby died and were still a tight ensemble.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    From around here,eh? I'll have to check this out. Thanx 🙂

  5. I have Some Change No Change & can upload it for you if you like. When I heard Pieter playing "Dream Affair" for the first time, I knew I had to track that down and the person I found on Ebay with it was selling them both together for a totally reasonable price. The record is a bit scratchy sounding though so if you know any tricks to clean it up let me know! I've used that vinyl cleaning solution stuff a few times but it doesn't seem to make a difference on this record…

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    upload it jeralyn, by all means friend 🙂

  8. Anonymous Says:

    @jeralyn: yes, please upload their second release too. thanks!!

  9. sadly Bobby Bowie passed away in 2003 but I have been in touch with his sister and we're working on a re-issue…

  10. Hello everyone!

    Remember me, Alayne? Skateboarder from Memphis who went to EVERY Calculated X show in Memphis! The Antenna club was my spot;) I do not live in Memphis anymore, but I had some awesome times back in those days! I wore some crazy 80s outfits to those clubs, and has a blast!! Danced all night this band!!
    Rest in Peace, Bobby


  11. a re issue was done in 2004 or something(cd).. easily copped in memphis at goner ?! almost real and 4 windows are my fave.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Chuck Spencer here. We are playing the "Steve McGee Antenna Reunion" July 31 at the old Antenna Club, now known as "Nocturnal". We have a complitation CD that is available thru our distributor on line and will be available at the show. We will be doing songs that we used to do live and haven't done in several years. Hope you can make if your in Memphis.

  13. […] 12” by Calculated X- released in 1983. Taking over where their first 12” (uploaded here, for those who missed it) left off, there’s more of the same infectious new wave/post-punk […]

  14. You can purchase a cd of their works at

  15. I produced and engineered the Four Windows 12″. Calculated X was a GREAT band. Good to hear the comments. Thanks!

  16. You can get the compilation CD by visiting the Calculated X Facebook page or by directly contacting Alan Hayes ( who played synthesizers) on Messenger..Alan has about 100 copies left. I just got mine. Steve Raymer.

  17. Alan Hayes Says:

    I was member of Calculated X, we are from Memphis did one other sports
    After this one called Some Change No Change, we rereleased those two EPs along with unreleased material on compact disk back in 2010.

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