Belfegore- A Dog is Born LP

Here’s a classic German post-punk record, one of the highlights of the NDW movement that swept the country throughout the 1980s. Combing dark synths, aggressive guitars, experimental tendencies, and deep grooves, this record has it all.

Formed in 1982, the members of Belfegore had their roots in equally stellar projects, including Nichts and Die Krupps. This record was the first of two released by the band. Their second record, released on Elektra, earned a bit more attention and exposure, while this first record was self funded and released by local independent label Pure Freude, also responsible for S.Y.P.H. and a handful of Mekons releases. Their second (self-titled) record also featured the hit “All That I Wanted,” which earned sporadic airplay on MTv and VH1.

The band opened up for U2’s Unforgettable Fire European tour in 1985, shifting members and splitting up soon after. Vocalist Meikel Clauss would leave the music business entirely, practicing medicine.

Here’s the information for the band’s debut record, released in 1983.

Belfegore- A Dog Is Born LP
1. Mensch Oder Gott
2. Glashaus
3. Herz Atmet Echos
4. Deutsche MarkĀ“n Bein
5. Ridiculous
6. A Dog Is Born
7. WOW!
8. Schattenwelt
9. Der Fall Des IQ
10. Tod Durch Die Blume

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Belfegore- A Dog is Born LP”

  1. frankie teardrop Says:

    Thanks for the extra tidbits. Probably prudent to mention that this copy of the LP is ripped at a much higher bitrate. 320kps, clean as a whistle!

  2. Oooh what a find yes yes. Great stuff.. From music to medicine, what a jump!

  3. Highlander Says:

    Thanks for this – can't think why I missed it at the time…. Will happily replace my 128kps copy.

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