Ziyo- Ziyo LP

Here’s a classic post-punk record, the first of many from Polish act Ziyo, who formed in 1984. Though it took five years for the band to release their debut, the wait was well worth it, as this s/t record is a quintessential slice of coldwave music from the Eastern Block.

Ziyo are still together to date, and just released their eighth studio record in 2009. As it stands, they are just as vital and powerful as Siekiera and De Press, two of their shorter-lived peers. Perhaps the key to the band’s longevity is their more eclectic sound? Either way, let’s get to the details.

Ziyo- Ziyo LP
1. Nr 1
2. Poza Tym Miejscem
3. Graffiti
4. Obwarowany
5. Idziemy Wytrwale
6. Panie Prezydencie
7. Pod Jednym Niebem
8. Nowe Krajobrazy

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Ziyo- Ziyo LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ewwww….now this looks promising. Thank-you sir.


  2. Indeed, a very fine record. Usually I do not like it if I cannot understand the words, but here the music is so good it does not matter. Excellent, thank you!

  3. Liking this one. Has a slightly X-Mal feel to it.

  4. After several listenings it struck me: This is a Chameleons clone! The singer comes very close at times, the music is more self-contained, mixing in other influences. Anyway, there are some great and atmospheric songs here.

  5. excelent sound.my deep estthanx

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