Outer Circle- My Mona Lisa 12”

This particular post comes as a generous donation from band member Brad Bechtel, and features the follow up 12” from Outer Circle, released in 1984. At this point in time, guitarist Cole Coonce joined the band’s lineup, solidifying the band as a six piece. The remaining band members, being Steve Spingola (vocals), Pat Collison (synth), Paul Santos (bass), Lee Howell (drums), and of course Bechtel on lap steel guitar are still intact, returning with more of their distinctive edge.

The 12” features three original tracks and two remixes of “My Mona Lisa,” as done by Gary Otto. Here’s the details:

Outer Circle- My Mona Lisa 12”
1. My Mona Lisa
2. Building Dreams
3. Warm Gun
4. My Mona Lisa (Gary Otto Mix)
5. My Mona Lisa (Instrumental)

*download it here*

In case you missed it, nab the first Outer Circle 12” here!

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  1. chris sessions Says:

    can't wait to check this one out. the first one was great! thanks!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmmm. Was wondering if this'd show. Cool.

  3. Fritz die Spinne Says:



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