Echo Prism- Jade Flower 7”

Here’s a one off coldwave single dating back to 1985. Little is known about Echo Prism, but judging from the artwork, it’s safe to assume the band was a three piece, and self-released this without help from a label. You can expect some child-like synths, minimal drum machines, and some driving post-punk guitars from both sides of this 7”. Simple and primitive, but always effective. Enjoy!

Echo Prism- Jade Flower 7”
1. Jade Flower
2. Mere Albion

*download it here*

3 Responses to “Echo Prism- Jade Flower 7””

  1. that's good stuff; The wife of the bass player is sitting junt in fornt of me dude.

  2. Hi !
    Nice songs, i know the bass player. 😉

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    Hi guys, feel free to contact me at!

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