Buzz- Kennedy / Marinetti / Sexe 12”

Here’s a triple threat of 12” recordings by Buzz, an underrated, synth driven act from the heart of France. The band released their first cassette in 1985, soon signing with Danceteria records (A Wedding Anniversary/In the Nursery, etc.) The band released four 12” records over the course of the 1980s, splitting soon after. However, the band has since reactivated, re-releasing several older cuts and issuing new material during the latter half of this past decade.

I’ve included three of the band’s 12” records on Danceteria, leaving behind the 25th anniversary edition of “Kennedy,” the band’s best known track. For those who want a more complete snapshot of Buzz’s ’80s material, be sure to pick up their extremely limited CD compilation, entitled Buzz 1984 – 89. Not only does the compilation include superior quality versions of these recordings, it also tacks a few killer live tracks at the end. You can nab a copy here and listen the band’s new sounds via their myspace page. Without any further ado, here’s the details for these releases:

Buzz- Kennedy 12” (1986)
1. Kennedy
2. Picaso

Buzz- Marinetti 12” (1987)
1. Marinetti
2. Lo Sai
3. Marinetti (Extended Mix)

*My rip of this 12” has the more sparse intro to “Lo Sai” separated from the main track, most likely done for DJ purposes.

Buzz- Sexe 12”
1. Sexe
2. Berlin
3. 12 Inch Allah
4. Sexe (Fire Mix)

*download all three releases here*

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  1. big BUZZ news coming soon!

  2. fantastic, thanks

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    Hello there, bonjour, I'm Jean-Christophe Van Thienen from BUZZ…
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    See U Sioux !

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