Few Boys- Secret Times 7 & 12”

Been meaning to upload this one for ages. Classic synth pop single from Few Boys, a band on the infamous Westside Music label, best known as the home of Moskwa TV. This 1985 single is the band’s only release. The 12” version of the track is a DJ staple of mine, and has made its way into the majority of my playlists over the years.

Expect giant beats, shameless hooks, and an infectious chorus that’s impossible to resist. You can probably put this one in a league with Depeche Mode, Anything Box, Red Flag, Camouflage, etc. The 12” version of “Secret Times” is a bit longer (and a bit better quality, sourced from my own collection), but the 7” features an exclusive b-side, so I’ve uploaded both. Here’s the info:

Few Boys- Secret Times 7”
1. Secret Times
2. Flash & Pain

Few Boys- Secret Times 12′
1. Secret Times (12” Version)
2. Secret Times (Secret Dub)

*download both here*

2 Responses to “Few Boys- Secret Times 7 & 12””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    First I must say great thanks for uploading a lot of very-hard-to-get music! I´ve had some problem to download your older files but with the new ones it work really fine.
    About Westside, here in Sweden You could find most of the releases in the middle 80´s, if You just knew where to look. They did two or three megamix albums that was quite good. Hope I some day will learn to upload these things…


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