Trans-X- Living on Video CD

Trans-X were a two piece disco/synth outfit from Canada, who made quite the name for themselves in their home country with a handful of catchy electro-pop singles. Laurie Ann Gill (formerly a backup vocalist for Nudimension) and ambient musician Pascal Languirand comprised the duo for their first (and most prolific) run, which concluded in 1986 due to frustrations and lack of success outside of Canada.

Languirand returned in 1994 with a revamped version of the band, reissuing and re-recording several key singles with new vocalist Nadia Sohaei. As of 2010, Languirand has been living in Mexico, hard at work on the next Trans-X release.

Without any further ado, here’s the information for the band’s Living on Video LP, released in 1983. A compilation of sorts, the LP collected many of the band’s earliest singles and b-sides. This particular rip hails from the CD issue, which dropped ten years later and featured a handful of appropriate bonus tracks. Here’s the details:

Trans-X- Living on Video CD
1. Living On Video
2. Message On The Radio
3. Nitelife
4. 21st Century
5. Josee
6. Digital World
7. Eyes Of Desire
8. 3D-Dance
9. Monkey Dance
10. Through The Eyes Of The 90’s
11. Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You)
12. Living On Video (Re-Recorded)
13. Message On The Radio (Remix)
14. Vivre Sur Video

*download it here*

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the video for the title track, released in 1981:

6 Responses to “Trans-X- Living on Video CD”

  1. Hi Frankie-
    Love your site…can you put "the Units" The Right Man on here…great song, downloaded your other UNits stuff, but need The Right Man. Many thanks…izimbra

  2. Hey Frankie-
    Izimbra again; forgot to give you my email

    peace and out

  3. This song is on repeat in my mind. Check out that robot guy working in DOS lol!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Best video ever. Totally early 80's.

    Catchy CD though…thanks for sharing.

  5. Greg in Florida Says:

    This record came out at the height of the synthpop era, and unfortunately became a little lost in the stampede. It's a shame because it was another bright addition from Canada, along with the likes of Men Without Hats, Rational Youth and Images in Vogue.

    Back in the '80s, CFNY FM in Toronto was a leader in introducing new music to North America, and due to Canada's peculiar musical content laws, a certain percentage of all music played on radio had to originate in Canada, which gave huge exposure to bands such as the Spoons, the Kings, Nash the Slash and many others.

  6. Hi SOR, this is a video shot at the Vog Club Montreal circa ’81. I went to college with Laurie and you can see her at minute 1:28. The best wave club I ever went to. Great Blog! cheers.

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