Nightmoves- Transdance 12” & Remixes

Going to be stepping away from the blog for a week, so I plan to leave you all with not one, but TWO stellar releases of the dancier, club-oriented variety. First on the slab, I’ve uploaded several different issues of Nightmoves’ (a.k.a. Night Moves) classic “Transdance”- a killer darkwave dance track that many should recognize. Unfortunately, this song never received the credit it was due, but is easily one of the best tracks of the ’80s. I’ve attached several different versions of the track, one under the guise of the reissued 1984 12” Robot Rock release (including a handful of alternate tracks) and a remixes 12”, which might just be a fan-made collection of mixes. If you’re not completely sick of the song by the time you’re through listening, I’ve also included the significantly shorter edit of the song, plucked from the 7” and included on the None Night of Flexipop Vol. 4 comp.

The UK-based project formed in the wake of Gary Numan’s chart breakthrough in 1979, when vocalist Michael Guihen placed an ad in NME looking for synth players. The original three piece lineup (known then as Oblong Mauve) folded after a few practice sessions, leaving Michael to form a new band. He struck an interesting partnership in 1980, meeting and developing tracks with Denis Haines, Gary Numan’s keyboard player. In exchange for providing the backing track for Numan’ “Love Needs No Disguise,” Michael received help in developing “Transdance,” the standout track from the original lineup’s demos. It was recorded in 1981, and since then, has seen several different versions as lineups changed and technology improved. The infamous UK mix even featured backing vocals from Eve Goddard, Adam Ant’s wife. The band eventually called it a day in 1984, as public tastes shifted dramatically.

Of course, this is only part of the Nightmoves story. The rest is viewable (along with some amazing photos) on the band’s official Myspace page, so click for the full story and some additional visuals. Without any further ado, here’s the info for this zip.

Nightmoves- Transdance 12” (1984)
1. Transdance (UK Club Mix)
2. Transdance (New York Disco Mix)*
3. You Can Take My Love
4. Beat This
5. Nightdrive

Nightmoves- Transdance Mixes 12”
1. Transdance (Edit)
2. Transdance (NYC Mix)
3. Transdance (UK Mix) –> same as UK Club Mix
4. Transdance
5. Transdance
6. Transdance (Remix)

bonus track- Transdance (7” Version)
*not on original 12”.

*download the lot here*

18 Responses to “Nightmoves- Transdance 12” & Remixes”

  1. wonderful post! thanx so much for sharing!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Very hard to find all the remixes of this classic. Thanks! Song also became a staple in the Chicago "Hot Mix 5" mixes of the early 80's.

  3. the saucer people Says:

    Up till a moment ago I thought I was doing OK with four different remixes of Transdance!
    Really looking forward to hearing the other versions…rare as rocking horse shit!

    This is defintely one of my favourite eighties electronica releases and it really has stood the test of time, a wonderful 'leaving' present!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    thanks!!!!!!!!!! sick blog!

  5. Christian Says:

    Great track! I prefer the latter of the two Transdances on the 12" mixes, with its darker vibe.

  6. Thanx a lot and Спасибо for the brilliant posting, Frankie!!

    Such a damn wonderful, forward-looking '81-84 synth classix!!

    Does anyone know, ppl: is it possible to buy the original 12-inch (or may be Wav rip) somewhere, at the reasonable price??!…

  7. Great post – I downloaded this a while ago and fell in love with Transdance. I love synth, cold wave, etc as well as old school house (from what I've read this was a Chicago house classic, I'm guessing the remixes were anyways) so it's only natural I'd love it so much. Just managed to find a download of the original GC1 version which is my favorite and apparently quite rare – I've uploaded it myself, thought I'd share. It ends rather abruptly which is unfortunate, but it's the only one I've managed to track down.

    Love your blog!

  8. Actually – listening to it again – it sounds like this is actually the same as track 5 on the "mixes" just shorter – which might explain cutting off at the end. Hmm. Do you happen to know if that is the famed GC1 version?

  9. Mmmurland Says:

    Sooooo good.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Thank u so much man!! Been lookin' for this a long time. I really like that you put all the versions in one package… Keep up the good work!!


  11. got various versions i new this would be aclassic back in the 80s when i dj house parts in the chi town still have have all my house cutts

  12. yes i just happen to have gc1 version and robot rock and others copies this track blew me away when i first heard it ran got every version dj in chi town to me this was a cutt then most house goers love it in the windy chi i still pump this on car system new djs who listen play tecno and trans try to relate this to this era oh no this was house era

  13. […] particular track should feel right at home for fans of Few Boys, Nightmoves, and any darker tinged italo (Amin-Peck/Fockewolf 190 etc.) Here’s the […]

  14. michael Guihen Says:

    There are some really lovely comments about transdance here thank you guys

  15. j’ai été sur le site MySpace de nightmoves.
    j’ai écouté la version transdance detech’s.
    qui pourrais me dire si il existe en vinyl et ou je pourrais me le procurer.

  16. j ai fait erreur de frappe sur mon clavier.
    la version transdance detech’s est elle disponible en vinyl?

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