Advanced Art- Scar 12”

Here’s a slice of classic EBM for all you heavy-beat nuts. Advanced Art were based in Finland, formed in 1985, and split in the mid-90s, when the early EBM sound shifted focus to heavy metal guitars. The majority of their releases (four singles and two full lengths) explore the classic electro-based sound, so fans of Front 242, A Split-Second, and Nitzer Ebb should definitely enjoy this one. This particular 12” dates back to 1991, and follows two early 7” releases. Here’s the breakdown:

Advanced Art- Scar 12”
1. From Nothing to Nothing
2. Wake Up
3. Tear Open These Scars
4. From Nothing to Nothing (Edit)

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Advanced Art- Scar 12””

  1. Vanilla Face Says:

    and a pretty nice video:

    Another of my favorites from Advanced Art is "No Answers No Solutions".

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    Definitely a classic. Can't decide if i prefer "No Answers, No Solutions" or the first track on this 12''. Can't go wrong either way.

  3. Vanilla Face Says:

    I would agree, they're similar enough for my tastes. Either will do 🙂

  4. Thanks, I’ve wanted to check this release out for a while now.

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