Oberkampf- Linda 7”

Just played this track at Wierd last night and got a few responses, so tossing it up as a favor to those interested attendees. Classic French coldwave contained within, released in 1983. It’s one of the band’s earliest releases, preceding a handful of LPs before their inevitable split in 1985. The single version of the title track differs a bit from the LP version, released the same year.

According to a few sources, the band was generally known for their anti-nationalist politics, oftentimes burning the French flag during live performances. As of 2000, the band has reformed, and released an LP in 2003. I believe they’re still together to date, but not sure, as their official website (http://www.oberkampf.net/) won’t load for me… With that in mind, here’s the information for this killer 7”.

Oberkampf- Linda 7”
1. Linda
2. Irréelle

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 7.3.23)

6 Responses to “Oberkampf- Linda 7””

  1. Strawberry Death Jelly Says:

    Love the stuff you post. Is this, "Weird", a night you DJ at in Brooklyn? if so, info? I'm in the area and love to attend things of the sort.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    Thanks! The Wierd party takes place in Manhattan every Wednesday from 10-4, at a bar called Home Sweet Home- Chrystie and Delancey st. (lower east side). I generally spin there every week.

    Drop by sometime! This coming week we'll have Automelodi playing, one of the best new wave artists! Make sure you say hello if you drop by.

  3. Strawberry Death Jelly Says:

    Absolutely! Thanks!

    I'll definitely be seeing you soon.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Strawberry death jelly…sounds yummy.

  5. Great you share this. Oberkampf was a great highlight of my late teens (I am French).
    The two albums are worth listening to. The other singles “Fais Pas Attention” or “Couleur sur Paris” are equally great.

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