Parade Ground- Strange World 12”

Here’s a 12” by one of my favorite artists. Walking a fine line between glossy synthpop and early EBM (this 12” is on Play it Again Sam), Parade Ground issued six killer singles and one full length record, all pretty much essential for fans of the genre. The main lineup consists of brothers Jean-Marc and Pierre Pauly, who originally collaborated with Front 242. The brothers occasionally lent a hand to some of Front 242’s middle period recordings, maintaining a close personal relationship with Daniel B. The band has also collaborated with Colin Newman of Wire, who produced several of the band’s releases.

While the band split soon after releasing their full length in 1988, Parade Ground would issue two CDs in 2007. One consists of live tracks, while the other features brand new material.

Released in 1987, this 12” contains two high energy tracks, while the final track is a more atmospheric affair. Here’s the info.

Parade Ground- Strange World 12”
1. Strange World
2. Off Balance
3. The Chosen One

*download it here*

Though this one comes a close second, my favorite Parade Ground 12” can be found over at Crispy Nuggets. “Gold Rush” is a beast.

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  1. sweet, looking forward to checking this out…thanx!

  2. guy smiley Says:

    thank you ! amazing quality blog

  3. […] both of which have not been shared to my knowledge. You can get the rest of their material here, here, and here respectively, where you can also read more about these Belgian EBM […]

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