Black Sea- An Early Fall LP

THREE new posts to kick off this new week, so bear with me, folks! The first hails from Black Sea, a US-based four piece post-punk band who releaed just one (appropriately titled) LP in 1990. The band formed in New Jersey and had a sound comparable with early Cure, The Lucy Show, The Church, etc. with a slightly harder edge. The LP was released on a small label, the local No. 6 Records, but distributed by Rough Trade, which no doubt earned the band a small cult following.  Wonder if they ever ran into Screaming For Emily, as both bands share similar sounds and hail from the same state…

Various sources allude to another released track, on a C’est La Morte compilation, but I can’t seem to confirm it for sure. Feel free to drop a line if anyone has any further information on these guys. That said, here’s the info for the LP:

Black Sea- An Early Fall LP
1. Washed Away
2. Immigrant Song
3. Hope
4. Mix
5. Killing Time
6. Darkest Days
7. Empty Fields
8. The River Runs Red

*download it here* (CD Rip uploaded 7.21.21)

Track 2 is indeed a cover of the infamous Led Zeppelin track, but with a fresh new take! Enjoy, and stay tuned for more goodies! I have a bunch of new stuff in this vein (more guitar-driven) so coldwave/post-punk fans, rejoice!

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  1. this is pretty cool stuff. the last track is awesome. funnily enough, it led me to something way better: I was listening to it and thought "this is great, and sounds kinda like Fields of the Nephilim…why have I never really listened to that band?" I promptly downloaded "The Nephilim" and had my brain fried. oh and I'm fairly new to this blog, thanks for expanding my goth horizons.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    I'd also recommend Red Temple Spirits, if you're taking a trip down goth-rock lane!

  3. Hi,
    For some reason, I can't download this, and I haven't a clue why.
    No problems with any of your other posts, after or before this so ..?
    I'm on a Mac, tried Safari & Firefox; click on download and instead of starting to download, it simply says 'decompression failed' in the download window.
    Tried re-booting and a few other things but to no avail I'm afraid. Don't mean to trouble you with this, and if it works fine for you then it's obviously summit my end and I'll just have to lump it I suppose!
    And thanks, for all your other posts; still consistently a fabulous place to come visit.

  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    Mace, not sure why this is the case— gave it a whirl over here and it seems to download and unzip just fine. I imagine it's on your end, given that someone else got it to work as well.

    Hmm, Mike had a similar problem recently with the Chrisma discography and I'm not sure if he resolved it… I'd say clear your cache, delete the temporary zip file that may have saved to your hard drive, and give it another whirl? Not much more help I can be since it seems OK through a few different channels. Anyone have a solution to this?

  5. Ta for the response. I'll keep trying and if(thru trying something different)let you know if I get anywhere. I visit a lot of blogs and this same thing has happened before, but only once. Very strange.
    Incidentally, one unfortunate by-product of trying out a lot of music off a lot of blogs is that often one doesn't get 'round to listening to some cool stuff for quite a while, and so the odds are that, firstly, comments within days of downloading to express opinions and grateful appreciation are unlikely, and second, that much later when something makes an impact – one is not likely(I should say, 'I' am not likely, but it may apply to others!)to then go and find out exactly where it came from.
    Maybe this is why there are often not more comments on blogs…
    I need to do something about this, as I so rarely end up leaving comments, and it's beginning to bug me..
    Jus' thinkin' out loud here! Ignore me!

    Be well.

  6. Thanks for the great review and comments. It's nice to see our recordings still making their way around after so much time. The information about the additional track on C'est la Morte is correct. We recorded an instrumental song for Dr. Death's Vol 4, Marvels of Insect Life. Information on the release can be found here:

    Thanks again!
    Steve Vasko

  7. frankie teardrop Says:

    Thanks for the info, Steve!

  8. Augustine (Augie) was and still is one of my best friends. You can hear his influence by listening to Aways Away. His son Evan is the lead singer.

  9. Thanks a lot…

    Hi, I really like this article, pretty good reading. I’ll be looking forward to coming again….

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