Calculated X- Some Change/No Change 12”

Last but not least, we have the second 12” by Calculated X- released in 1983. Taking over where their first 12” (uploaded here, for those who missed it) left off, there’s more of the same infectious new wave/post-punk grooves present here, with a slightly poppier edge. Let’s dive right into this one, shall we?

Calculated X- Some Change/No Change 12”
1. Some Change No Change
2. Cool The Water
3. You Will Know Us
4. Don’t Look At You

*download it here*

Don’t forget- there is a CD-reissue of all these tracks available on X-Tracked records. You can grab a copy here, which I highly recommend if you enjoy these two 12” records as much as I do! There’s a few bonus tracks and live cuts as an extra incentive, so be sure to nab it while the getting is good!

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    I bought the CD sometime ago and you are so right, it's very highly recommended…it has extra tracks not on the vinyl EPs and they are just as slick…first rate band indeed..thanks for bringing them much needed exposure…


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