Colour Moves- Trees 7”

Here’s a generous donation of a rare Italian 7” by Colour Moves. This is their only major release, though it seems as if a few loose tracks were released on compilations up until 1990. This particular 7” hails from 1986.

Fun fact- the label responsible for this 7”, Supporti Fonografici, is also home to some of the best and rarest Italian synth records, many of which have been posted here before. This 7” joins the ranks of Chromagain, Weimar Gesang, Faded Image, and XNO, to name a few! Not too shabby!

I dig both of these gloomy, romantic post-punk tracks quite a bit, but the real standout here is the b-side, which is a little more driving and catchy! Here’s the details:

Colour Moves- Trees 7”
1. Trees
2. Over Falling Skies

*download it here*

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  1. freeurope64 Says:

    Hey great post! I'm still searching for their demos on cassette here in Italy but it seems that it's impossible to find 'em at the moment…thanks again

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