Krisma- Cathode Mamma/Nothing to Do With the Dog LPs

I have a pretty huge backlog of things I’ve been meaning to post, so I’m going to chip away at them over the next few days, so bear with me, folks! To kick things off, I’ve had several requests to post some more tracks by Chrisma/Krisma, so here’s my two favorite LPs from this Italian synthpop outfit. Contained within this zip file are 1980’s Cathode Mamma (the band’s debut after switching from a ‘Ch’ to a ‘K’) and 1983’s Nothing to Do With the Dog (aka Fido on some releases), their third LP. There are still three more out there, but these two should keep you satiated for now! Here’s the info:

Krisma- Cathode Mamma LP (1980)
1. Cathode Mamma (Neue Version)
2. Many Kisses
3. Peggy Guggenheim
4. Rrock
5. Rien Ne Va Plus
6. Cathode Mamma
7. Telegram
8. White Knife
9. Last Chance to See Man

Krisma- Nothing To Do With the Dog LP (1983)
1. Nothing To Do With the Dog
2. I’m Not In Love (10cc cover)
3. I Must Know Your Name
4. Girls Drumming
5. Eye to Eye
6. Boys Drumming
7. Carefully
8. Find a Friend
9. Heroes of the Sea
10. Everybody Drumming

*download both LPs here*

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the official video for “Nothing To Do With the Dog,” one of the band’s biggest singles and an international breakthrough at the time.

7 Responses to “Krisma- Cathode Mamma/Nothing to Do With the Dog LPs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks again.
    That video cracks me up.


  2. oh nice, LOVE chrisma/krisma! thanx for sharing!

  3. Love the cover of "I'm not in Love"

  4. GRAZIE so much! I actually already own all of their works but it's nice to see Krisma featured in your blog…. "Clandestine Anticipation" is their masterpiece, you should post that one (perhaps you already have..)

  5. Didnt know that "nothing to do with the dog" was one of their biggest singles. Thanks for the video! 😉

  6. Thanks so much. Cathode Mama has been a long-time favourite.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Another vote for "Clandestine Anticipation" being Krisma's masterpiece – an essential album for any and all fans of minimal synth. Perhaps you will post it.

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