Velveteen- After Hours 12”

You may have seen this one over at Capa Nostra Syndicate, but not sure what’s up with the rip there, as it’s pretty unlistenable. What we have here is some pretty solid new wave from hometown NYC, with a slight commercial edge to some of the tracks. Some of the songs fall a little flat for me, but some are unexpected synthpop killers. I’ll let you all decide which tracks are which, but either way, this one’s definitely worth a listen or two.

Here’s the info for this 1983 release:

Velveteen- After Hours 12”
1. Nightline
2. Combo Boys
3. Nothing to Do
4. Wild Rain
5. Preoccupied
6. Get Wild

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Velveteen- After Hours 12””

  1. Hello,
    Thank you so very much for this awesome rarity. I've been looking for it for ages!
    Unfortunately the fourth and the sixth song are the same, which is "Get Wild", so the song "Wild Rain" is missing. Any chance you could post it? Would "Pretty Please" help?


  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    hey Trisha- glad you're enjoying it! However, you'll be pleased to hear that the upload is indeed intact- track six is a differently titled extended mix of track four!

  3. Ninacortina Says:

    I just found this album on vinyl here in New Zealand, it's an NZ pressing. Quite nice, actually. Sounds like RomeoVoid meets The Pretenders.

    • James Courtney Says:

      Hey Nina Cortina: I am the guitarist on the Velveteen album. When Richard Beau left Velveteen he became Richie Ramone and played drums with Ramones for 5 years. Now has his own band. Glad we have one last fan left … you! Would loeve to see NZ someday. Also love Split Enz. james. aka

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