Takumi- Meat the Beat LP

It seems as if Japan is one of the last vestiges of rare synth music, with many more hidden gems yet to be discovered. With that in mind, here’s an LP from 1983. Not a lot of info to be found on this one, but you can expect some great minimal synth-tinged tunes here, some with lyrics in English, and some more experimental and quirky than others. Other tracks, like “Mein Schatz,” are perfect for the dancefloor. For me the album really rolls up its sleeves and gets serious during the second half, but your mileage may vary.

There also exists a 12” for Fragments of Time, released around the same time. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that one, but in the interim, here’s the information for this little gem:

Takumi- Meat the Beat LP
1. Hauch Von Mir
2. Snapshot
3. Tokyoite
4. In The Ordinary Way
5. Reproduced Functionalist
6. A Cloudy Sky In My Yard
7. Myron
8. Days of Romance
9. Dear Dori
10. Mein Schatz
11. Wave Over And

*download it here*

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  1. better music cannot be found anywhere else, thanks

  2. Hi,
    great post!! fragments of time was posted on this blog, here;


  3. hi there,
    i dont want you to think im being ungrateful, but i was actually looking for a little help. i saw in an earlier post that you mentioned that there might be problems with z share. im not sure if i have to be a member or not to get the downloads, but it seems that they just keep sending me in circles. is there some procedure for getting downloads from them? or am i just stoned_? by the way, thanks. im american living in central europe and youve introduced me to a lot of great bands,

  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    Yeah, zshare has been the bane of this blog's existence, thought it was once useful. Chances are, the link is just dead- even if it shows promise of downloading. I know some of them still work- just wait the 45 or so seconds, then start the download. Can you let me know which album it is so I can sort it out asap?

    Joshua- if you're reading this- Rational Youth has been reuploaded!

  5. Rational Youth worked like a charm and I'm getting reading to listen…thanks Frankie!


  6. Hey Frankie, thanks for this upload! great blog indeed. Love finding unknown new wave!

    One thing though I gotta chack and see if he has problems pronouncing "l" like Jullan does lol. Listen to Jullan's Imaginary Doll or as he sings it Imaginary Dorr… hahahaha cheers

  7. This is AWESOME stuff! What a great mix of tracks! Thank you SOOOOO much!! You rock!!

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