The Instigators- We Don’t Know What We Want 7”

Here’s a rare US entry to the new wave scene with a 2 track 7” from 1985. A complete obscurity, with nothing to be found on the internet or elsewhere. The a-side is a great guitar driven track with a few great synth hooks in tow. Almost sounds as if R.E.M. ditched the American underground and went for a more European aesthetic. It also kind of reminds me of the VHF LP, for those who enjoyed that particularly rare gem. A little gloom, but catchy all the same.

The b-side is far less interesting to me, with a more happy-go-lucky melody that recalls The Kinks, but different strokes for different folks. I’ll leave it for you all to decide.

The Instigators- We Don’t Know What We Want 7”
1. We Don’t Know What We Want
2. Electric Blanket

*download it here*

5 Responses to “The Instigators- We Don’t Know What We Want 7””

  1. Rainy Day Sponge Says:

    This was Denny Rambo's band:
    He's still active in a little more pop directions.

  2. As always sharing good music.

  3. Has anyone ever ripped a copy of The Imports only 7" ?

  4. Andys80s Says:

    I believe that this is the same band that used to play my junior high school (Stacey Intermediate in Hunting Beach CA) back in the early 80s. The keyboardist was Doug Pipes. His father Don was the music director at the school.

  5. Denny Rambo succumbed to cancer in July 2015 at 55 yrs of age.
    RIP Denny. A rare and extraordinarily talented musician.
    Silverwood, The Instigators, Modern Faith and member of Blasphemous Rumors.

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