Thierry Meyer- Paradoxe 7”

For those not as jazzed about the previous guitar-driven posts, here’s something that should whet your appetite and offset the darkness a bit, courtesy of BX. I posted the a-side to this magnificent French minimal synth 7” on the first Systems of Romance compilation, and suffice to say, the b-side is of similarly high quality. Also an instrumental, but some great grooves here.

This 1981 single is Theirry Meyer’s only release, so not much more to tell about this one. Enjoy!

Thierry Meyer- Paradoxe 7”
1. Paradoxe
2. Trip

*download it here*

3 Responses to “Thierry Meyer- Paradoxe 7””

  1. Beautifull…

  2. I like both of these…1981 is THE year for synthesizer music for me.

  3. Oh yeah, this was terrific! Never heard of it; Thanks for keeping your old links intact!

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