Neuland- Neuland LP

Here’s an interesting German LP from 1982. A curious mix of styles all sit together on this one- including italo-ish vibes, synthpop jams, NDW weirdness, and even a little 70s a.m. gold. Some tracks are naturally a little more interesting than others, but the LP is not without its merits. “Gehirnamputiert” is a clear standout, ripe for a little dancefloor action. “Sympathie” sounds as if it features a bassline from the late, great Mick Karn, and “Zukunftsvisionen” could easily feel at home on one of the Sequins and Spandex compilations. Your mileage may vary, so I’ll leave it for you to decide:

Neuland- Neuland LP
1. Supermarkt
2. Maskenball
3. Eile Mit Weile
4. Gehirnamputiert
5. Unendlichkeit
6. Vampir
7. 39,9
8. Zukunftsvisionen
9. Sympathie
10. Neuland

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Neuland- Neuland LP”

  1. Great synth-pop melodies again – thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like Max Goldt meet Der Plan ,t'is so good,thanx!!

  3. I love Supermarkt! Played it over and over.

  4. elfenbeinku3ste Says:

    This album doesn’t claim to be anything than a collection of witty songs. Like it!

  5. After all the years… you are amazing, thank you for posting this.
    “gehirnamputiert” ist still my favourite song, but the whole album is wonderful 80s-sound. Thank you!

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