Various Artists- Remote Viewing Vol. 2 K7

This particular cassette comes on generous loan from Sean Mcbride, sole member of Martial Canterel and half of Xeno and Oaklander, two of the current synth scene’s most crucial players. For those who are unaware, the latest Martial Canterel record, You Today, has dropped via Wierd Records, and is quite the stunning piece of work. A modern classic, through and through. Pick up a copy here, if you haven’t already!

This cassette, upon hearing it, has quickly become an all time favorite. Released in 1989 on Network 23 (the first installment appeared three years prior, and has yet to be shared to my knowledge), this tape features an hour and a half of instrumental ambient and industrial works from several obscure artists. It’s a murky, unsettling, and highly atmospheric ride, without a single dud among the bunch. Many of the artists here appear exclusively among the series, while others have a few more scattered releases from around the same time. The standout for me is John Costello’s “Gormen Ghast,” which lifts off into minimal synth/dance territory after nearly three minutes of haunting atmosphere. There’s also an exclusive track by Colin Potter and a solid gem by Steve Hillman, to name a few. This is highly recommended for fans of Tangerine Dream, Coil, and John Carpenter’s film scores, but there’s a handful of great minimal synth gems sprinkled within. Dig it!

Various Artists- Remote Viewing Vol. 2 K7
1. Howard Ingram- Sacrestone 72
2. Michael Hines- The Spirit Of Radio
3. Greg Truckell- Mesh
4. Mangenta Mirror- NX-X1-11
5. R. N. Andrews- Chinese Dentist Time
6. Steve Hillman- Citadel Parts 1 And 2
7. Colin Potter- Malton
8. Kevin O’Neill- Lik Mai
9. John Costello- Gormen Ghast
10. What It Is- Rearing Pigs
11. Martin Coles & Rick Wernham- Object Detection
12. Rancid Poultry- Controlled Exposure
13. Peter Tedstone- Mystic Sequence
14. Tim Stebbing- Star City

*download it here*

15 Responses to “Various Artists- Remote Viewing Vol. 2 K7”

  1. looking forward to hearing this… many thanx!

  2. man on wire Says:

    It's an honour to feature on the best blog out there. Many thanks to you and Sean for the kind words. It all seems so long ago… perhaps because it was.

    John Costello
    YouTube channel: subunitfour

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    John, great to hear from you, and it's my pleasure to feature your song and others here! Really enjoying your latest works as well!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, this is awesome!, really enjoying the vibe. Anyone have vol 1?

    Much appreciated!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Frankie!
    Nive to hear that, thanks to Sean and you for sharing!
    Sean also told me abot a band called Delos, do yo have some anything bout it??


  6. Anonymous Says:

    This is easily one of the best tapes I've ever heard.

  7. Truly amazing, thank you so much

  8. Thank you very much! I too wonder if anyone has vol 1…

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  12. Thanks for the blog! Any chance to find Greg Truckell cassette releases?

  13. Hi, Alan Freeman at Ultima Thule here. I just secured a deal for limited edition reissues of all the best Poultry Products releases, and some unreleased ones. These are all specially remastered by me and issued as limited numbered CDRs, hand made in the tradition of such products. 3 are just out, see: and you can also buy via Discogs
    A second batch will be out late October.

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