Monty Cantsin- Ahora Neoismus LP

I have to admit, I always have fantasies of finding extremely rare and valuable records tossed away in the dollar bins. I’ve had my fair share of luck over the years, as I’m sure many have as well, but today’s post was an unexpected gem, unearthed from one of my favorite record shops here in New York City. I have seldom seen a copy of this one for sale, and it’s usually expensive when it creeps up.

This LP has been on my radar for ages, as I’ve only heard two tracks from this artist. One earlier track from the debut 12” can be found on Nick’s excellent VA comp, and I included an alternate version of a track from this LP on one of my own.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Monty Cantsin, the original artist (who I believe was Canadian) was a firm believer in Neoism, a musical practice with a highly underground philosophy. The original artist in question encourages any and all to perform under the same moniker, and many have. You can read more about Neosim here, and read more of the history of Monty Cantsin here.

This LP comes with this message among the credits:

We encourage you to copy, reproduce, and spread these songs and ideas by any possible means. Call yourself Monty Cantsin. Do everything in the name of Neoism.

Neoists live to initiate revolution and to find Akademgorod, the Promised Land of Neoism. In this land, all mechanisms of logic are broken, control is impossible. The Great Confusion rules.

The basis of Neoism is, was, and always will be the song.

March 24th is international Neoist Day

As for the music, this LP has quite a lot going for it. Aside from being a springboard for Neoist ideas, full of rhetoric, this LP toys with an experimental sound with hints of EBM and minimal synth scattered throughout. Can’t really put my finger on this LP, but I do know I enjoy it very much! Here’s the information:

Monty Cantisn- Ahora Neoismus LP
1. I Am Monty Cantsin
2. I Believe In Neoism
3. Every 6 Minutes
4. My Blood Keeps Flowing
5. In The Swamp Of Neoism
6. Mass Media
7. Love And Joy
8. Headquarters
9. Long Live Neoism
10. Gloria Victoribus

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Monty Cantsin- Ahora Neoismus LP”

  1. Luther Blissett project, Neoism (not the same, but almost), karen Eliot, etc, are forms of cultural production that have proved through the years the quality of their incarnations. It good be great if people around also get to know books, magazines, performances, personal and collective websites, nothing scarce on the net by know.
    Situationists were relatively easy to recuperators, but Neoism?!!…I doubt it.
    Great post!

  2. Monty Cantsin (Istvan Kantor) gave me my copy! It was 1989 and I had gone to see him at his place in Montreal (we got in touch through mail art). He showed me some of his blood paintings and a video project he was working on: a cube 3 feet high lined on the inside with mirrors and he went inside for one hour every day and whatever he did there, he put on video.

    It was a nice visit – he was very gracious – but I took my girlfriend with me and she broke up with me soon after that; I don't think she cared for the blood paintings.

  3. T. Applebaum Says:

    Citizen X that is hilarious*!

    *(assuming you’re not still grieving about a 30 year ago ended relationship)

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