Popular Science- Out of This World 7”

Here’s a 7” I scored in a local dollar bin, hidden among a series of lesser singles. This record hails from the US, was released in 1983, and features a minimal synth sound combined with the male/female vocal melodies of X. A curious, but successful blend, especially on the A-side.

While I was able to track down the cover via Ebay, my particular copy of this single came without. Just an unassuming paper sleeve with the record tucked neatly inside, nothing to catch the eye and hint at the gem inside. Sometimes, these are the best treasures to be found…

There seems to be a full length LP from the band, released in 1981. I’m not sure it’s the same band, since I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, though the time period and country seem suspect. You can check it out here or here. However, while it seems likely that it’s the same band, I’m still not convinced. All signs point to Austin, TX for this 7”, while the LP was recorded in Rosendale, NY (not too far from where I grew up). If anyone can shed some light on this one, please do! Otherwise, enjoy!

Popular Science- Out of This World 7”
1. Out of This World
2. When Science Came To Town

*download it here*

2 Responses to “Popular Science- Out of This World 7””

  1. 80's Best Says:

    Side A. real gem..!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Seems like I had heard a collection of this and other rare tunes of theirs on a compilation cd. I may be wrong..

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