Wet- That’s The Game (Continental Megamix) 12”

Here’s a killer 12” I picked up in Chicago this past weekend. Shameless synthpop grooves ripe for the dancefloor here- three versions of the same track. The A-side is the club favorite, though those inclined towards instrumental mixes will find two on the flip.

This particular 12” dates back to 1984 (the original version of the track from 1983), and is the first of three from this Belgian duo. Jan Van Den Bergh would achieve success as a major techno/house mixer, as well as the head of the highly influential Buzz label, a mysterious label who released several groundbreaking Detroit techno records in an overseas market.

This particular track should feel right at home for fans of Few Boys, Nightmoves, and any darker tinged italo (Amin-Peck/Fockewolf 190 etc.) Here’s the information:

Wet- That’s The Game (Continental Mega Mix) 12”
1. That’s The Game (Continental Mega Mix)
2. That’s The Game (Instrumental)
3. That’s The Game (Instrumental)

*download it here*

There’s also a 7 minute version of the track kicking around on a 12”, released around the same time. The b-side is the same (though the original 12” lists the second instrumental here as the “Dynamic Mix”), while the a-side appears in its original, non-remixed form. I believe that version has been uploaded here, so check it if you want the complete experience!

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  1. Robert 'DJ RAF' Feutz Says:

    I used to drive down to Chicago all the time to wreck the record bins of oddities & commodities back in the day! It's been a while. Thanks for this post! Now, which hole in the wall stores did you visit? 😉

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