Quantom 1+3- Memoires Alchimiques K7

Cassettes, the final frontier. This particular tape has been on constant rotation over at SOR headquarters since receiving it on a generous loan. Not a lot of information on the web about this release, but there’s quite a bit of info on the cassette itself, so I’ll do my best to explain.

This particular cassette was released in 1993. The band were a three piece darkwave act from France (Axel Evigiran and the above pictured Lydia on vox and Orphee Hangiclist on guitar and programming) flirting with hints of EBM and coldwave. The sound should be right at home for fans of Babel 17, Neutral Project, Nagamatzu, and Peche Mortel (whose demos are some of the best treasures uncovered on the internet). Nice and dark, gritty, yet with catchy electronics permeating the mix.

While this is their first cassette, the band released two more tapes into the mid-90s. Perhaps those may see the light of day in time… For now though, enjoy this excellent slice of pure French coldwave.

Quantom 1+3- Memoires Alchimiques K7
1. Celeano
2. Post Mortem
3. Sombre Muse
4. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
5. 7eme Cimetiere
6. I’ll Never Forget You
7. Pohjola Land
8. Bleuts
9. Puta Nostra
10. Narcisse
11. Rendez Vous
12. Nordeste Mystique
13. Dusang Sur Le Marbre
14. Venise Nocturne

*download it here*

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  1. Hi!
    They released at least two other tapes: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Quantom+1+%2B+3
    We (VUZ Records) released this one on our MFW sublabel:
    For those who are interested, its still available from us!

    best wishes


  2. brujeria Says:

    do you have the other 2 albums from them, if you have it please upload them, thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Fantastic post.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there 🙂

    I was very surprised to find on the web this old tape, especially on this side of the Atlantic.

    Listen to these old songs is very strange to me. All this was buried for so long. On some tracks I'm not very proud of retrospective result (approximate arangements, and voice out of sync – I've always found that my voice was the weak point of Q 1 +3). However I assume all these 'vielleries'.
    Thank you for having unearthed them.

    There are a total of 3 official tapes and 1 auto produced CD of Q 1 3 (+ quite a few other tapes never released). I still have it all at home, but unfortunatly a lot of songs are on my DAT (out of use long time ago).
    There are also some songs (my last ones) available for downloading on last.fm.

    I am delighted that Q 1 +3 is still listened and may be appreciated.



    (Sorry for this approximative english)

    Songs on last.fm :

    My current blog address : (I just add some old infos about Q 1+3)

  5. frankie teardrop Says:

    Axel- Sorry for neglecting to reply properly, but it's really great to hear from you! I really enjoy this casssette and don't find your vocals to be a weak point at all.

    Thanks for the info and for being in touch!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hey! can you repost this tape on a new link? I can't found anyone who give another link…
    Thanx for sharing, you do a great job

    darklover from france

  7. I've just add "Mémoires Alchimiques" on Quantom 1+3 LastFM page.

    Normally, if it works properlly you should find all song free to download.


    Enjoy !

  8. sorry to wake up this topic but, apparently i found out that their is 2 more demos from Quantom 1 + 3 “Terra Matter” & “Quantom 1 + 3” self-titled (which i will get at some point)

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