Sequins and Spandex Parts VI & VII

So, it’s been just under a year since the last two installments of the Sequins and Spandex series, and since summer is just around the corner, I figure it’s due time to unveil the next two. Italo is very much summer music for me (and curiously, new beat gets the job done in wintertime, as far as the big beats are concerned), and though it’s raining here in New York, I figure everyone could use a little summer cheer. As always, I’ve had a hard time whittling down my choices, so you get two mixes for the price of one!

Before unveiling the tracklisting, I’d like to thank Shawn of Led Er Est/Further Reductions for the continuous crash course in italo, as well as Nick of Crispy Nuggets for lending me a handful of jams from his back pages. I’ve also re-included the 12” mix of Mad Matrix’s “Men Alone,” a Belgian track in the same vein, since it just works so well here. There’s also a UK artist in the mix, but the track was too good to pass on. Anyway, here’s the tracklisting, and I do hope you enjoy!

Sequins and Spandex Part VI
1. Fires In the Night- K-A-T-A
2. Dancing In the Dark- Mike Mareen
3. Queen of Discoteque- Sissy
4. Blue Room (Extended)- Kirlian Camera
5. Witch- Helen
6. I’d Like To Know- Randy Wiper
7. Girl of the 80s- Go To
8. Sing With Me Tonight- Fresh Color
9. You See- Helicon
10. Follow Me- Karl Olivas
11. Over and Over- Fantasy Life
12. Men Alone (Special 12” Club Mix)- Mad Matrix
13. Darkness- Aquarius

*download it here*

Sequins and Spandex Part VII
1. Don’t Be Cold (In the Summer of Love)- The Stupid Set
2. Black and White (Extended)- Bandeaux
3. Hesitation- Mya & The Mirror
4. Just a Story- Mike Rodgers
5. Hookey- Sylvi Foster
6. A Raving Night- Neurox
7. Right- Fake
8. You’ve Got the Night- Lame’
9. Boogie Tonight- M & G
10. Lucifer’s Friend- Vision
11. Waiting For Heaven- Diviacchi
12. Shoot Me (Extended)- Malcolm & the Bad Girls
13. Happy World (Extended)- Ranko

*download it here* (updated 6.12.18)

PS- I have a good chunk of leftovers for this one. However, in fear of it being overkill, I’ll wait for you kids to digest these one for a bit. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

9 Responses to “Sequins and Spandex Parts VI & VII”

  1. «tyler» Says:

    I've enjoyed the whole series. Thank you.

  2. Choice selections!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Many thanks for your great uploads. I'm really happy I found your blog!
    However, I try and try to download sequins and spandex: part III, and it fails 🙁

    I would be really happy if you could re-upload it!

    Many thanks!


  4. chris read Says:

    Thank you so, so much! That's simply awesome! Here in Scotland I find that Italo is perfect summer music, but I've always time fior naughty New Beat too. We have lovely long days and it's fairly sunny. But Winter in bonnie Scotland is just foul so I go into a sort of minimal wave goth meets detroit techno thing, (and drink too much red wine).

  5. Anonymous Says:

    thank you sooooo much for this great music!

  6. Awesome, thanks!

    Digging it.

    (man, but something about that Fresh Color – "Sing With Me Tonight" song really annoys me ;p. "Listen to the words I say: OHLALALALALA" uh, yeah man, I'm listening… are you going to say anything of substance?)

  7. frankie teardrop Says:

    Part III has now been reuploaded! sorry for the wait!

  8. Many, many thanks! Am going all the way back to part one… 🙂

  9. Your choices are the greatest ever . I love italo disco and you really know how to pick up the best ones.

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