End of Data REDUX

Sorry for the delay, folks. Expecting a few goodies that haven’t arrived in the mail yet. Will get to ripping those and posting them ASAP. In the interim, I’ve been digging back through the vinyl collection and making improved rips of some of the albums I’ve posted in the past, and figured I’d share the improved fidelity with all of you.

What better band to start with, then End of Data. I’ve had mixed results with every copy I’ve come across. Quality issues, a few glaring skips, etc. However, I’ve come across great sounding copies of both LPs, so with better source material come greater results. Of course, there’s still minor crackle and a pop or two that just wouldn’t scrub out, but that’s what we love about vinyl, isn’t it?

These are two bona-fide classics, two all time favorites from France and beyond. I listen to these albums just about every week, no small feat for me! In case you missed these the first time around, you can read all about them here and here. Hope you all enjoy the improvements!

End of Data- Sahrah LP (1984)
1. End Of Data I & II
2. If I’m Not A Killer
3. Follow Me And So
4. Like A Succession I & II
5. Trottodaf
6. Sahrah / Symphonie Inachevée

*download it here*

End of Data- Dans Votre Monde LP (1985)
1. Dans Votre Monde
2. Movie Drama
3. Quetzalcoatl
4. Symphonie
5. La Rive Asiatique
6. Atttrra (Vers Le Miroir)
7. Venice
8. D.M.C.

*download it here*

EDIT: to the 21 people who downloaded Dans Votre Monde when this post first appeared, please download the LP again— track 3 had an error in bouncing that has been rectified. Sorry for the trouble!

7 Responses to “End of Data REDUX”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Quetzalcoatl is incorrectly trimmed…

  2. Paul Westwood Says:

    If you haven't gotten one already, think of getting a record cleaner (like the KAB EV-1 or Nitty Gritty). It has done wonders on some of my more crackly records.

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    "Quetzalcoatl" is now sorted out and reuploaded. Sorry for the trouble!

  4. man on wire Says:

    A few years ago when I discovered the blogosphere in a big way, I was astonished at the amount of great music that passed me by back in the day. End Of Data was one of the first bands I downloaded and, like Frankie, I listen to them every few days. Sahrah is a stone-cold masterpiece, and Quetzalcoatl just staggering in concept and execution. Thanks a lot for the re-ups!


  5. Thank you very much for the upgrades

  6. Chris sessions Says:

    It was the "I listen to this every week" which struck my interest. After checking it out, I see why… Tip notch and unique. Thanks Frankie!

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