Kissing the Pink- Watching Their Eyes & The Last Film 12”

Merely uploading this one for a few friends who inquired at the Wierd party last night, when none other than the inimitable Sean McBride (aka Martial Canterel) dropped it during his set. Here we have the seminal Kissing the Pink track “The Last Film,” a haunting military-driven tune that cracked the top 20 during the band’s earlier years. It appears here in club form, and I believe this version, while stellar, has not been featured around these parts.

The single can still be had for an affordable price- in fact I’ve seen a handful of copies kicking around NYC for any interested and local parties!

As an added bonus, I’ve also uploaded the Watching Their Eyes 12”, my personal favorite track of the band’s, which features an alternate club mix and an exclusive longer mix of the b-side. Here’s the contents:

Kissing the Pink- Watching Their Eyes 12” (1982)
1. Watching Their Eyes (Club Mix)
2. In Awe of Industry

Kissing the Pink- The Last Film 12” (1983)
1. The Last Film (Extended Version)
2. Shine
3. The Last Film (The Hymn Version)

*download both here* (RE-RIPPED 10.9.17)

In case you missed it, the link for Naked should still be up and running from way back in the archives. Don’t hesitate to check out one of the most innovative new wave records this side of the commercial spectrum! Stay tuned for more goodies next week, as I’ve got a bunch of ripping to attend to this weekend.

5 Responses to “Kissing the Pink- Watching Their Eyes & The Last Film 12””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great! Love this band, but never heard these singles. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you! I love, love, love your blog and the selections! I happened upon it by searching for Blue in Heaven and am in heaven with Kissing the Pink! This takes me back to a time when I ordered records at random through my local shop (in South Dakota, USA) by reading the New Musical Express (NME) which was always at lest a month or two old by the time it came in. Oh how I wish there would have been this access thirty years ago!

  3. darkdance Says:

    Am very thrilled to find vinyl rips of these extended versions. The "Naked" cd set includes the songs but they are remastered out of existence. Kissing The Pink was a great band that was basically an accident. I knew a couple of the band memebers before they went to art school. I can only wonder where they are now….

  4. Just randomly going through your blog, finding stuff to listen to and for cd-r mp3 file mixes (700mb is better than a 70 min. cd) to give people.

    This one has Martial Canterel guy mixing synth pop and millitary tunes, ace.

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      To clarify, Sean wasn’t involved in recording/remixing these tracks- he just often DJs the club mix of ‘The Last Film’ during his sets!

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