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Kissing the Pink- Watching Their Eyes & The Last Film 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1982, 1983, kissing the pink, new wave, synth, uk synthpop on June 23, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Merely uploading this one for a few friends who inquired at the Wierd party last night, when none other than the inimitable Sean McBride (aka Martial Canterel) dropped it during his set. Here we have the seminal Kissing the Pink track “The Last Film,” a haunting military-driven tune that cracked the top 20 during the band’s earlier years. It appears here in club form, and I believe this version, while stellar, has not been featured around these parts.

The single can still be had for an affordable price- in fact I’ve seen a handful of copies kicking around NYC for any interested and local parties!

As an added bonus, I’ve also uploaded the Watching Their Eyes 12”, my personal favorite track of the band’s, which features an alternate club mix and an exclusive longer mix of the b-side. Here’s the contents:

Kissing the Pink- Watching Their Eyes 12” (1982)
1. Watching Their Eyes (Club Mix)
2. In Awe of Industry

Kissing the Pink- The Last Film 12” (1983)
1. The Last Film (Extended Version)
2. Shine
3. The Last Film (The Hymn Version)

*download both here* (RE-RIPPED 10.9.17)

In case you missed it, the link for Naked should still be up and running from way back in the archives. Don’t hesitate to check out one of the most innovative new wave records this side of the commercial spectrum! Stay tuned for more goodies next week, as I’ve got a bunch of ripping to attend to this weekend.

Kissing the Pink- Naked LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, 1990s, funk, kissing the pink, synth, uk on December 3, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Formed in 1980, Kissing the Pink was a short lived UK new wave/synth act who flirted with hometown chart success throughout their tenure. The seven piece act (with most members contributing vocals) shortened their name to KTP in their latter days as a result of the name’s suggestive nature. Their style was a hybrid mix of funk and synthesizers, akin to the likes of Factory records bands A Certain Ratio and Section 25. Longtime Factory associate Martin Hannett also produced the band’s first single for ‘Don’t Hide in the Shadows’ in 1981.

Since then, the band has released four full length LPs, each seemingly the result of a more trimmed down lineup and a more dance oriented sound. Also, members of Kissing the Pink have also collaborated with various artists in the jazz, pop, and psychedelic mediums. The band is still considered active, with select members still working together, though few recordings have surfaced. A home page states that the band may be morphing into a different project, but not other conclusive information is scarce.

I’ve uploaded the entirety of their debut full length, the seminal wave record Naked, released in 1983. The leadoff track ‘The Last Film’ cracked the British top 20 upon its initial release.


Kissing the Pink- Naked LP
1. The Last Film
2. Frightened in France
3. Watching Their Eyes
4. Love Lasts Forever
5. All For You
6. The Last Film (Hymn Version)
7. Big Man Restless
8. Desert Song
9. Broken Body
10. Maybe This Day
11. In Awe of Industry
12. Mr. Blunt

*download it here*

and for your viewing pleasure, here’s the official video for “Watching Their Eyes,” my favorite track on this record:

For more on the band, including some links to pick up some of their material, and an official page with photos, interviews, full discography, and more, click below:

Comprehensive KTP website

I believe there is a CD reissue of Naked available, but it’s since sold out and is fetching high prices in the secondary market. Let me know if there’s an official outlet and I’ll be happy to remove the link as per usual.